Thursday, February 28, 2008

Madison County GOP Receives Outstanding Unit Award

Madison County Republican Committee Chairman John Tucker and Vice Chair Frank Stidman display the Outstanding Unit Award they received from the Republican Party of Virginia. Madison County is in the 7th Congressional District.

No to Osama, Obama and Chelsia's mama!

Your Emergency Care is Needed

C.J. Sutphin, December 2007, Age - 5 years

C.J. Sutphin, grandson of Jim and Erline Arthur, has been on our prayer list for some time. MCRW VP Anne Farmer told us at our February 19th meeting, that little C.J. is back in the hospital. His mom, Kathy, has not been well and has serious health problems also.

This emergency situation has put their family under a severe strain financially.

If you would like to help with a love gift of non-perishable food, gas cards (to help cover their frequent trips to the hospital), or money, please contact our Treasurer, Ginny Pegelow,

A "C.J. Fund" has been established at 2nd Bank & Trust in Madison. Donations to this fund may be sent to:

Jim & Erline Arthur
945 George James Loop
Radiant, VA 2273

Send cards to:
C.J. Sutphin
Kathy Sutphin
507 4th Street
Culpeper, VA 22701
And please, continue to keep this wonderful family in your prayers.

VFRW 2008 Political Studies Scholarship

Applications are now available for distribution upon request with a submission deadline of March 23, 2008. A $1,000 scholarship to a College Republican Woman who is planning to enroll or is presently enrolled in a government or political science program at an accredited two or four year Virginia college or university.

Ginny Pegelow and Anne Farmer co-chair the committee.
Questions: E-mail

News by the Numbers: 02/08

  • 3 - the number of times Puerto Ricans have gone to the polls and rejected statehood in order for their island nation to remain a self-governing U.S. commonwealth, the last occurring in 1998.
  • 4.2% - the amount overall economic growth could decline if the Kyoto Treaty were enacted, according to estimates made by the U.S. Energy Information Agency (EIA) during the Clinton Administration.
  • 7% - legalized abortion actually increased the murder rate by this amount, according to economist, John Lott.
  • 23.9% - of Americans said they believe little or nothing that comes out of the Main Stream Media (MSM), according to a Sacred Heart University poll.
  • 46 - black colleges, out of 53, had a graduation rate of or lower than 50 percent, according to the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education.
  • 48% - of at-home mothers consider not working their ideal situation, according to a 2007 Pew survey.
  • 90% - of the land in the United States is undeveloped and forests alone cover more area than all the cities and towns in the country combined.
  • 100+ - homicides are currently under investigation as potential Islamic “honor killings” in Great Britain.
  • 261 - Hillary Clinton’s earmarks, more than twice as many as any other member of Congress seeking the presidency.
  • 253 - the number of times armed troops and police from Mexico have invaded America between 1996 and 2006, according to the U.S. government which apparently did nothing to protect our citizens and our sovereignty.
  • 751 - the number of “no-go” areas in France, controlled by Muslims which have also become major drug trafficking centers for organized crime.
  • 1927 - el Ikhwan (the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt) was formed to "cleanse the whole world of the infidels."
  • 1979 - Saudi Arabia officially declared great Jihad
  • $303,000 - a Hillary earmark awarded to a “Gay” lobby group whose top legislative agenda item at the federal level involves changing immigration policy to eliminate HIV/AIDS as grounds for inadmissibility as a disease of public health significance.
  • 489,000 - claims have been filed over Hurricanes Katrina and Rita which caused about $100 billion in physical damage. The federal government has already dedicated more than $130 billion on recovery. Claimants are seeking an Edwardsesque $3,006,001,000,000,000.
  • $4 billion - is spent on climate research annually.
  • 9 million - acres of wilderness in Utah will be designated as wilderness, raising the cost of energy and hurting low-income families the most, if U.S. Rep. Maurice Hinchey, D-N.Y. has his way
  • $10 billion - the net fiscal cost at the federal level alone to American taxpayers of illegal immigrant households in one year, estimated by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS).
  • $29 billion - the annual cost to taxpayers should illegal aliens be granted amnesty, according to the CIS.
  • $848.6 billion - the cost of one term of Hillary Clinton’s presidency to taxpayers, according to the Republican National Committee.

Madison County Republican Mass Meeting

Madison County Republican Committee will hold a Mass Meeting on March 26th at 7:00 PM, in the War Memorial Building, in the town of Madison, Virginia.

Mass Meeting participants will:

  1. Elect Local Unit Officers.
  2. Elect Delegates to the 7th District Congressional meeting.
  3. Elect Delegates to the State Convention.

For Info contact:

Madison Volunteers at Work

Louise Crawford shared her life story with at the Madison County Republican Women's (MCRW) meeting on February 19th. Crawford told the group how she left school after the 7th grade to go to work. Later she married and raised seven children.

Now a widow for 14 years, she recently decided to finish her education with the encouragement of her "true Christian friends." She is one of many adults who have benefited from the Literacy Council's GED program.

Judy Butler, a retired school teacher, found the Literacy Council to be a great place to volunteer. She is the new Chairman of the Council which was formed in 1988 to teach reading to illiterate adults. Over the years, their mission has expanded in many areas, from GED training to reading to children at libraries, according to Butler who also volunteers with the Madison Chamber of Commerce and the Free Clinic.

Judy's husband, Jerry Butler, uses his retirement time volunteering with TRIAD, a group which focuses on law enforcement for seniors. Other MCRW members, including Liz O'Neil and Frank Stidman, also volunteer with this organization.

Mary Anne and Bill Walthall, members of Beth Carr Baptist Church, just returned from the church's Port Sulpher Mission Trip 2008. They were part of a regional 28 member team that went to Louisiana to work on four different projects in the hurricane stricken area.

MCRW members are very actively involved in civic organizations throughout the area. They can be found at:

  • AARP Tax Aide

  • American Legion

  • Battlefield/Piedmont Regional Triad Council and the Madison Triad

  • Beth Carr Choir

  • Deer Hunters

  • Eagle Forum

  • Eastern Star

  • Faquier Historical Society

  • Free Clinic

  • Garden Club

  • Linn Banks Masonic Order

  • Madison Chamber of Commerce

  • Madison County Historical Society

  • volunteering in the Madison County School system

  • Madison Lions Club

  • Master Gardeners club

  • National Rifle Association

  • North-South Skirmish Association

  • Orange Baptist Church Choir

  • Remington Lion’s Club

  • Questers

  • Women’s Club, and

  • VFVV Masonic Order, to name a few.

Left to right: Madison County Republican Women's club members
Louise Crawford, Mary Ann Walthall, Bill Walthall, Judy Butler and Jerry Butler

Delegate Jeff Frederick at Madison, VA on March 18th

Delegate Jeff Frederick, a Prince William County Republican running for chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia, will be the Guest Speaker at the Madison County Republican Women's membership meeting on Tuesday, March 18th, 6:30 PM, at the Madison Presbyterian Church, Rt. 722 at the north traffic light.

Check out Jeff's district web site here:

and his new website:

A special St. Patrick's Day Dinner will be on the menu. Everyone is invited attend this informative meeting. Dinner: $10.

For additional information please call (540) 923-4300 or (540) 547-2156.