Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Attorney General Bob McDonnell to run for Governor of Virginia

Statement of Attorney General Bob McDonnell Regarding
Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling's Decision to Seek Re-Election

March 24, 2008

Today, Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling announced that he will seek re-election next year. Bill and I have spoken at length about his decision and I know he has given it great thought. I respect his decision and strongly endorse his candidacy for a second term as Lieutenant Governor of Virginia.

As a State Senator, and now as Lieutenant Governor, Bill Bolling has been a consistent and determined champion of positive conservative ideas in Virginia. His record is one of achievement and innovation.

Bill was a leader in the Senate on issues of health care, insurance, family policy and taxation. He has shown an ongoing commitment to listening to Virginians through his "100 Ideas" for Virginia's future project. He has been, and will continue to be, an effective and persuasive Lieutenant Governor. Bill's passion for good government, and his outstanding oratorical skills, makes him a powerful, positive force in Virginia government.

Bill and I have known each other for a long time. We have traveled the Commonwealth together as running mates, and as office holders. We speak regularly on everything from our families to state policy. Bill is someone whose opinion I place in the highest regard. We are friends who share the same values, and the same commitment to solving problems, making government work better, and improving quality of life for all our citizens.

The Republican Party will move into the 2009 statewide elections united. As I begin to prepare for my campaign for Governor, I look forward to running next year with Bill as a ticket. We will remain strong partners in the effort to improve opportunity, freedom and justice for the people of Virginia. I have no doubt that, together, we will unite our party, we will unite our Commonwealth, and we will create a safer, stronger, more prosperous Virginia.