Monday, March 10, 2008

Quote of the Day

"In our budget passed last week, House Republicans this year are proposing to virtually freeze spending. Yet, Governor Tim Kaine is pushing to create $600 million in new spending on new programs.

Have you heard much about this? Probably not. The traditional media has never given us a fair shake, which is all the reason more we need a strong state party communicating the good things our elected Republicans are doing. But news late last week has raised the ante.

The Supreme Court of Virginia ruled unconstitutional the regional taxing authority provisions of last year's transportation.

I fought the regional taxing authorities from the beginning because I believe they contradict the very essence of the "no taxation without representation" tenet. The Supreme Court unanimously agreed in their ruling.

Not only is this a victory for the taxpaying citizens of our Commonwealth, but it is also a prime opportunity to contrast us -- the Republican party and our stand against taxing hard-working Virginia families more -- with the Democratic Party, who immediately called for massive statewide tax-hikes in response to the Court's decision.

Certainly, it shouldn't surprise many that the governor and the Senate Democratic leadership are asking (or telling) you to cut your family budgets instead of Richmond making due with what it has (and prioritizing your money better). Why have we not heard from our state party on all of this?

We need a state party that will not only communicate our common-sense conservative ideas and solutions, but also one that will be aggressive at communicating when our opponents (the Democrats) get it wrong.

Raising your taxes now -- especially during a time of economic uncertainty -- is wrong."

Delegate Jeff Frederick