Thursday, March 6, 2008

Support MCRW With Your Membership

Dues are $20.00 for membership, $10.00 for an Associate Membership. (Associate Membership is open to women who are a full paying member of another unit and to Republican men.) Just want to stay on our mailing list? Your donation is greatly appreciated.

Mail your check, payable to: “Madison County Republican Women” and send it, along with this application form *, to:

ATTN: Treasurer

Madison County Republican Women

P.O. Box 314

Madison, VA 22727

Name: _________________________________________________

Phone No: _____________/______________________

Address: ________________________________________________

City/State/Zip: ________________________________

Fax: _________________________________


Amount Enclosed: $______________

Check No. _____________________

* - Highlight, copy and paste to a document program and print or highlight and right click to print the section.