Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Quote of the Day

"America’s “silent majority” cannot afford to sit on the sidelines while the radical Left imposes its “tyranny of tolerance” on those who cherish faith, family and freedom – the very institutions that have contributed so much to the success of this country. This is our country, too. We have to defend it and protect our values against a radical movement that is determined to remake America in its image."

Gary Bauer
Campaign for Working Families

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Local Paper Serves Readers Half a Story

Today's Daily Progress ran an Associated Press article, "Defiant Wright: Criticism an attack on black church", page A2, on the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's speech at the National Press Club that could more properly be labeled propaganda. It continued the promotion of the "misunderstood" Reverend while omitting his more controversial remarks that have garnered attention elsewhere.

Campaign for Working Families' Gary Bauer noted, "According to one commentator, Wright again defended Louis Farrakhan. He defended his allegation that AIDS was a government plot. He defended his comparison of U.S. Marines to Roman soldiers who crucified Jesus. And he suggested his church had supported the communist Sandinistas in Nicaragua."

According to the Washington Times, Wright "defended his remark that the U.S. bore responsibility for the Sept. 11 attacks ... he refused to apologize for his infamous "God damn America" sermon, saying the U.S. government owed blacks an apology for slavery.... [and] the pastor stood firm in his praise of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan."

Perhaps Wright's bizarre behavior was just a ploy to keep him in the limelight while his book is being printed.

Wright also claims he has told Obama,“If you get elected, November the 5th I’m coming after you, because you’ll be representing a government whose policies grind under people.”

For a fellow receiving a free, fancy home in a ritzy, upscale neighborhood, it would seem that Wright hasn't been the recipient of too much grinding. It sounds more like he has been quite blessed.

Democrats Fail to Keep Promises at the Pump

Freedom's Watch, a 501 (C)4 issues advocacy organization supporting mainstream conservative public policies, today reminded folks about the secret plan Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats claimed they had a few years ago to bring down the price of gasoline.

Freedom's Watch Chief of Staff Joe Eule writes:

"In a 2006 press release, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed that Democrats had a common sense plan to bring down skyrocketing fuel prices. The average price for a gallon of gas when Democrats took control of congress that November was $2.25 - a price that Pelosi and other liberals claimed amounted to "price gouging". The average price of a gallon of gas today is now up to a record $3.61, and in Speaker Pelosi's home Congressional district in the California bay area, the price tops $4 a gallon.

Despite the price going up $1.36 per gallon (that's 60%!) since Democrats took control of Congress 15 months ago, an out-of-touch Speaker Pelosi and Congressional leadership have still not released this so-called common sense plan to bring prices under control. Just last week in an interview with Larry King, Speaker Pelosi cited the national average as being only $2.56."

Sounds like Pelosi has her head in the sand or just thinks no one will bring the Democrat's broken promises up. Then again, she might be right if she is thinking about the drive-by media.

Eule notes that, "Rising fuel prices don't only raise the cost to fill our gas tanks, but they affect the prices we pay for almost every other product - including necessities like food, and Congress is doing nothing to alleviate the strain on Americans' wallets."

He urges everyone to call Speaker Pelosi's office at 202-225-0100 and remind her that America does need a common sense plan to bring gas prices under control. You can click on their logo below to hear more on the issue. Freedoms Watch

Monday, April 28, 2008

The McCain Campaign in Virginia for the General Election in November

Join the Ground Effort
with your full contact information (including your county of residence)
You can also call (703) 650-5950.

Doug Davenport
Regional Campaign Manager - Mid-Atlantic
John McCain 2008

Orson Swindle
Lt. Col., USMC (Ret.)
POW, Viet Nam

Lang Sias
National Veterans Coalition Director
McCain 2008

Obama is a typical liberal tax and spend politician

''Sen. Obama wants to raise the capital gains tax, which would have a direct effect on 100 million Americans,'' McCain said. ''That means he has no understanding of the economy and that he is totally insensitive to the hopes and dreams and ambitions of 100 million Americans who will be affected by his almost doubling of the capital gains tax.''

John McCain

Friday, April 25, 2008

Quote of the Day

“Mr. Obama's call for postpartisanship looks unconvincing, when he is unable to point to a single important instance in his Senate career when he demonstrated bipartisanship. And his repeated calls to remember Dr. Martin Luther King's ‘fierce urgency of now’ in tackling big issues falls flat as voters discover that he has not provided leadership on any major legislative battle.”

Karl Rove

John McCain Stands for Free-Trade

The Center for Individual Freedom, a non-partisan, non-profit organization with the mission to protect and defend individual freedoms and individual rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, doesn't pull any punches when they see freedom being trampled but they are also quick to offer praise for liberty's defenders.

In the past they have favorably recognized John McCain for "his opposition to wasteful spending and earmarks, his leadership regarding the war in Iraq and his belated affirmation of the remarkable economic benefits of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts."

Today CFIF is thanking John McCain for "speaking in favor of free trade in economically-battered Youngstown, Ohio."

"Ohio may once again provide the pivotal electoral votes in this year’s Presidential election, but its economic downturn renders it a particularly unfriendly atmosphere for free-trade advocates. Because of this, most politicians would have placated audiences by telling the audience what it wanted to hear, or avoiding economic subjects altogether, particularly free trade. Instead, Senator McCain refused to back down from his advocacy for free trade, just as he once opposed ethanol subsidies before an Iowa audience...

Also this week, Senator McCain rightfully endorsed the proposed free trade agreement with Colombia, which has been a steadfast American ally in a region brimming with such hostile autocrats as Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez. Today, 90% of Colombian exports arrive in the United States duty-free, so they already possess access to American markets. By enacting this agreement, we would simply ensure that over 80% of American products would similarly become duty-free in Colombia.

In other words, the Colombia-United States free trade agreement would be a no-lose proposition for the United States...

Senator McCain did take care to sympathize with the audience’s hard times, saying, “the men and women of Youngstown know what it feels like to be counted out.” He added that, “you know how it feels to hear that good things are happening in the American economy, they’re just not happening to you.” Despite this, he told the audience that, “the answer to our problems is not the siren song of protectionism,” even delivering the speech at a closed steel plant.

To be sure, too many foreign markets remain unfairly closed to American exports, and too many allow theft of American intellectual property. But shutting ourselves off and closing our markets is not the answer to those problems. Rather, the solution lies in opening theirs and compelling them to observe property rights and the rule of law."

CFIF noted that, "Senator McCain once again earned tribute from conservatives and free-market advocates across America."

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Quote of the Day

"For all the hype about Obamamania, one thing remains true: America is not a left-of center country. We are a right-of center country that values tradition, religion, and all the rights bestowed upon us by the Constitution -- yes, Obama, even the 2nd Amendment."

Pete Kirkham

Executive Director

National Republican Congressional Committee

Cut Carter Off from the Public Trough

If you are outraged that your tax dollars were supporting negotiations with terrorists, thanks to former President Jimmy "nobody told me not to meet with terrorists" Carter, you can send a strong message to Mr. Carter: If you meet with terrorists - you pay a price, says the American Center for Law and Justice.

Add your name to the American Center for Law and Justice's online petition to cut off Carter Center Funding.

"Against the advice of the White House and Members of Congress, former President Jimmy Carter decided to meet with Hamas - one of the world's most dangerous terrorist organizations.

It's the same group whose Charter calls for the destruction of Israel ... and who routinely kills Christians in Gaza and the West Bank. The former president's meeting with Hamas has been roundly condemned by the U.S. and Israel," stated a new email from ACLJ.

Now, there's an effort on Capitol Hill to fight back. New legislation has been introduced that will strip federal funding from former President Carter's Georgia-based ''Carter Center'' ... which has already received nearly $20 million of your federal tax money, according to a ACLJ.

The CARTER Act, spearheaded by Rep. Joe Knollenberg (Michigan's 9th Congressional District), is the bold result of growing bi-partisan backlash on Capitol Hill.

''America must speak with one voice against our terrorist enemies.'' Rep. Knollenberg said. ''It sends a fundamentally troubling message when an American dignitary is engaged in dialogue with terrorists. My legislation will make sure that taxpayer dollars are not being used to support discussions or negotiations with terrorist groups.''

The ramifications of Carter's meddling in the Middle East should be loud and clear ... you meet with terrorists, you pay a price. The American people will not stand for tax dollars supporting terrorist negotiations.

Stand with concerned Members of Congress working to pull the plug on federal funding of Carter's organization. Sign the petition at

Don't forget to thank Congressman Knollenberg and take the poll on his web site to show your support for his legislation.

Congressman Joe Knollenberg

Washington Office

2349 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Phone: (202) 225-5802

Fax: (202) 226-2356

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day Blues: Immigration Takes a Toll on our Ecology

America's Ecological Future Will Be Determined by Immigration Choices We Make Today

(Washington DC ) As Americans commemorate Earth Day on April 22, the country's ecology and resource base continue to be imperiled by mass immigration. More than any other factor, population growth in the United States is adding to the stress on our environment, and nearly all of the nation's projected population growth over the next 40 years will be a direct result of current and future immigration.

Since the first Earth Day in 1970, U.S. population has grown by more than 100 million people, driven by ever increasing levels of immigration. The Census Bureau projects that our current population of just over 300 million will increase to about 435 million by 2050, exacerbating many of the resource and environmental crises we face in this country.

"It is unrealistic to believe that we can address issues like pollution, urban sprawl, and the depletion of water and other vital resources, while continuing on the population path we have been on over the past several decades," said Dan Stein, president of FAIR.

FAIR was founded in 1979 to address concerns about the role of immigration in U.S. population growth. On Earth Day 2008, the organization is renewing its call for a rollback of excessive immigration to the United States and a thoughtful consideration of how these policies will affect the long-term environmental health and security of the nation.

"Unless government acts to alleviate the pressure for ever-increasing levels of immigration, Americans will face a future that holds worsening environmental conditions, dwindling resources, and greater dependence on foreign energy sources. This was not the sort of future envisioned by people like the late Senator Gaylord Nelson who initiated the Earth Day celebration," Stein said. "As we observe Earth Day, we call upon our nation's leaders to get off the immigration and population growth spiral that can only lead to further environmental degradation."

Federation for American Immigration Reform

Gov. Kaine Shamelessly Betrays the Defenseless

Today's Daily Progress has a front page article on Governor Tim Kaine, an Obama supporter. In the article, Kaine, who is allegedly "personallly opposed to abortion" supports the extreme pro-abort Barack H. Obama and claims that they both want to reduce the number of abortions in the United States.

"Obama not only claims that abortion is a constitutional 'right," but also as an Illinois state senator opposed a bill that would have defined as a "person: a baby who survived a late term abortion," writes Treerence P. Jeffrery in Human Events, April 21st edition.

That's right, Obama believes the small matter of surviving an attempt to tear one limb from limb and being born alive does not give one the right to survive an abortion. One or two minutes inside or outside the womb - it doesn't matter, according to the anti-life Obama. Life is not permitted to begin if the abortion-lovers have any say in the matter.

Jeffrey noted that another Democrat who allegedly believes that life begins at conception, Sen. Bob Casey, Jr. of Pennsylvania, has also endorsed Obama.

Jeffrey makes the point that this is an obvious betrayal of Casey's stated beliefs.

The same might be said of Governor Kaine, who may or may not believe that life begins at conception, but certainly should know that Obama doesn't care.

Alfred S. Regnery, Noted Publisher and Author to speak May 20th

Alfred S. Regnery, publisher of The American Spectator and author of Upstream: The Ascendance of American Conservatism, will be the guest speaker at Madison County Republican Women's club meeting on Tuesday, May 20th, 6:30-8:30 PM, at the Madison Presbyterian Church, Rt. 722 at the north traffic light. Everyone is invited attend this informative meeting. Dinner: $7. For additional information, please call (540) 923-4300 or (540) 547-2156.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Senator McCain vs. Bama and Billary - Two Tax and Spend Liberal Porkers

"When it comes to fighting wasteful government spending, there are few politicians as courageous as Senator John McCain. He was one of only four senators to not ask for earmarks in 2008. Barack Obama requested 52 earmarks, while Hillary Clinton asked for 281 special projects. Today, Senator McCain also unveiled a comprehensive economic plan that includes:
  • Permanent repeal of the Alternative Minimum Tax
  • Doubling the personal exemption for dependents from $3,500 to $7,000
  • Reducing the corporate tax rate from 35% to 25% to spur job creation
  • Elimination of subsidies and tariffs that are driving up food prices
  • A one-year freeze on federal spending to evaluate government programs

Senator McCain also called for a “Summer gas tax holiday,” urging Congress to suspend the 18.4 cent federal gas tax and 24.4 cent diesel tax from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, in contrast, are promising to turn back the clock – they want to repeal the Bush tax cuts and return us to the high-taxing, big spending ways of the Jimmy Carter malaise!"

Gary Bauer

Quote of the Day

Truer words were never spoken
"...if one of my Democratic opponents is elected in November, you can be certain your tax rate will increase across the board."
John McCain

Monday, April 14, 2008

CNN's "Compassion Forum": Obama feigns pro-life sentiment

"Compassion Forum," broadcast by CNN and hosted by Messiah College
"When asked about when human life begins, Obama looked confused and said, "This is something that I have not, I think, come to a firm resolution on. I think it's very hard to know what that means, when life begins. Is it when a cell separates? Is it when the soul stirs? What I that there is something extraordinarily powerful about potential life..." Later on, Obama, who described himself as "a devout Christian" claimed that on abortion, "...we want to help...people avoid having to make this difficult choice. That nobody is pro-abortion. Abortion is never a good thing." Unfortunately for Senator Obama, who has voted against every limit on abortion since being elected to the U.S. Senate, his actions have spoken far louder than his words."
Tony Perkins, Family Research Council

Sunday, April 13, 2008

May 10th: “Child Safety Day”

MCRW Associate Member Bill Heflin attended a 4-day course at the Law Enforcement Criminal Justice Academy in Fairfax, VA to receive Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Technician Certification. Associate Member Jerry Butler took the course at the Criminal Justice Academy in Ashburn, VA.

Tens of thousands of individuals have been nationally certified as Child Passenger Safety Technicians since the program began in 1997. They are able to provide child safety seat checks and give parents and caregivers education and assistance with child restraint systems and safety belts.

Bill said he could not believe how much there was to learn in order to put in a car seat. All the different car and car seat manufacturers provide a real challenge to anyone who attempts to install one, he added.

Bill and Jerry will be participating in Sheriff Erik Weaver’s “Child Safety Day” with free bike helmets and other handouts to be held at the Madison Firehouse on May 10, 2008, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Photo: Madison County Sheriff Erik Weaver and Bill Heflin with Bill's certificate

News by the Numbers: 04/08

  • 8.5% - the increase in production at America’s largest baby-killing factories at Planned Parenthood where revenue topped $1 Billion
  • 33% or $336.7 million of Planned Parenthood revenue is provided by American taxpayers
  • 51 stories about atheism ran on ABC, NBC and CBS in 2007. 80% had a positive tone, and 20% were neutral. None of the stories were negative, according to the Media Research Center
  • 56% of American oppose abortion, according to a 2004 Zogby poll
  • 64% of all syphilis cases are found in men who have sex with men (MSM) even though they make up only 1%-2% of the population, according to the Centers for Disease Control. The FDA says MSM have an HIV prevalence 60X higher than the general population... 5-6X more infections with the Hepatitis B virus, and about 2X more Hepatitis C virus infections.
  • 84% of “millennials” - those between 21 and 29 - respect the military, revere marriage and respect the U.S. Constitution, according to a survey by J. Walter Thompson, the nation's largest advertising agency
  • 94% of Millennials said they respect monogamy and parenthood, according to the Thompson survey
  • 100 campuses hosted Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week II, April 7-11, to educate the public about the threat of radical Islam despite heavy PC pressure from liberals
  • 100 Muslim Student Associations were asked a month ago to sign the Declaration Against Genocide. The Declaration calls on “student governments and Muslim groups” to condemn Hezbollah and Hamas, and repudiate the saying of the prophet Mohammed that redemption will only come when Muslims fight Jews and kill them, when the rocks and trees cry out Oh Muslim there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him. None of them have.
  • $2,074 - the average tax increase that will hit 17.5 million seniors if President Bush’s tax increases are allowed to expire, according to the Heritage Foundation
  • $22,100 - the amount each household pays in taxes, more than twice what it was in 1965 (inflation-adjusted to 2007 dollars), according to the Heritage Foundation
  • 289,750 dead babies were produced by Planned Parenthood from July 2006 to June 2007
  • 1,103,000 jobs were added to the economy in January and February contrary to reports from the old media which ceaselessly advocates for a recession
  • 50 million - Chinese bibles have been produced in China to date, and sold through official churches. China will produce 25% of the world’s bibles by 2009
  • $150 million - the largest donation to the University of Virginia, made by Virginia taxpayers, courtesy of the General Assembly, to support the university's operations
  • $660 million - the amount Planed Parenthood would still have left to use to kill babies that they believe do not deserve to live, even if they lost all taxpayer funding
  • $15 billion - the initial price of the Foreclosure Prevention Act of 2008, obligating taxpayers to bail out irresponsible borrowers and their irresponsible lenders.
  • $60 billion - the amount of waste, fraud, and abuse annually in Medicare and Medicaid programs

Barbara Bush Literacy Program

Judy Butler, MCRW Literacy Chair, will collect used books at our monthly membership meetings to donate to the needy organizations in Madison County. Be sure and bring a bag of books April 15th.

Pray for Our Troops

Ask our Heavenly Father to comfort those who have lost loved ones fighting for our freedoms. Give them peace and a real sense that their loss was for a noble cause worth the heavy price being paid.

Ask God to prompt us to acknowledge regularly the sacrifices being made for us as a people and to thank those we know who are regularly separated from family members defending our country against radical Islam.

Pray for victory and success for our troops as they partner with Iraqi security forces to defeat the efforts of Muqtada al-Sadr in Basra, in southern Iraq. Conflict has flared in that area recently and signals a startling rise in al-Sadr’s activity. Pray for an end to all terrorist efforts in the nations of Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world. Pray also for Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki who has been in Basra supervising the crackdown on militia factions.

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”
—The Bible, II Chronicles 7:14 (NIV)

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Madison County Republican Women held their first official meeting on September 15, 1998. The formation of the club was partly a response to members of the Madison County Republican Committee who expressed a need for events to bring Republicans in the community together. The Republican Women who have guided and sustained MCRW in the ensuing ten years have achieved this goal and much more.

The 1998 officers were: President - Nancy Sharman, Vice President - Martha Dudley, Secretary - Darlene Taylor, and Treasurer - Millie Reid. During the first years, they held business meetings at a local restaurant. However, when the business meeting was separated from the membership meeting, membership really took off. The membership meeting location was moved to a church meeting hall and the format was changed to monthly dinner meetings with guest speakers.

Through the years, guest speakers have included: Congressman Eric Cantor, Lt. Governor John Hager, Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, Attorney General Bob McDonnell, National Republican Committeeman Morton Blackwell, Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates William H. Howell, Delegate Dick Black, Delegate George Broman, Delegate John Cosgrove, Delegate Jeff Frederick, Delegate Ed Scott, Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Kate Obenshain, Marriage Amendment advocate Steve Baril, late Civil Rights leader Dr. E. Franklin Warner, former Attorney General Jerry Kilgore, Publisher and author Al Regnery, and many other notable authorities.

The club has initiated numerous events to raise funds and promote Republican candidates and patriotic causes, including: a Candidate Forum; candidate luncheons; a Support Our Troops rally; Spring and Fall Fashion Shows; an annual Chili Festival; a Christmas Tour of the White House; co-sponsoring the annual GOP BBQ; and Spring and Fall Lawn Sales. The club has an annual entry in the county parade and ends the year with a popular Christmas Open House.

MCRW has raised money to support local organizations as well, including, a local playground in need of equipment and a Benefit Tea for the Madison Free Clinic, to name a few. The club regularly gives book donations to schools and the library and established a school essay contest which has grown into a $1,000 Scholarship.

The club uses funds raised from dinners, the sale of Christmas ornaments and other fund raising activities to produce a monthly newsletter, The Blue Ridge Messenger, to promote the principles of the Republican Party. The newsletter has a circulation of about 200. It goes out to club members, elected officials, local libraries, and Republicans state-wide. Recently, this blog was started to compliment the newsletter with timely posts and updates.

As the club celebrates its 10th Anniversary year, MCRW members can look back on many accomplishments which have firmly established the club in Madison County as a positive voice to promote Republican principles. The current Executive Officers, President Sue Riley, 1st Vice President Anne Farmer, 2nd Vice President Kay Heflin, Recording Secretary Mary Anne Walthall, Corresponding Secretary Erline Arthur, and Treasurer Ginny Pegelow, plan to carry on MCRW's tradition of political education and activism.

Marion Simpson Scholarship

Madison County Republican Women

2008 Marion Simpson Scholarship

As of March 24th, application forms for the Marion Simpson Scholarship have been available at the Madison County High School guidance office. The Piedmont Area Home School group, as well as the PACE Home School group have been sent the application to distribute to all interested Madison County female seniors who are being home schooled.

The purpose of the scholarship is to promote political awareness among students interested in the political process.

The application deadline is April 30th. The winner will be announced at the May 20th membership meeting.

MCRW is an organization devoted to promoting the participation of women in the cause of good government, informing the public through political education and activities, and advancing the principles of the Republican Party.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Quote of the Day

"We need less talk about using “influence” and “urging” the Iraqi government to do something. We are paying for that government. Our troops are there to prop it up. This is a Muslim government that has failed to protect the Christians. In fact, it discriminates against them.

It’s time to order U.S. troops to protect Christian churches and believers. All it would take is one call from Bush to General David Petraeus.

Make that call, Mr. President, before the Pope embarrasses you with more questions about your failure to prevent this terrible catastrophe."

Cliff Kincaid, Editor, Accuracy In Media Report

April 15th: Del. Ed Scott’s General Assembly Report

Delegate Ed Scott will be the Guest Speaker at the Madison County Republican Women's membership meeting, Tuesday, April 15th, 6:30 - 8:30 PM, Madison Presbyterian Church, Rt. 722 at the north traffic light.

Delegate Scott will report on the 2008 Virginia General Assembly. Delegate Ed Scott serves the 30th District, which includes all of Madison County. It also includes Culpeper County and a portion of Orange County. Scott also lives in Madison County.

Everyone is invited to attend this informative meeting. Dinner: $7. For additional information please call (540) 923-4300 or (540) 547-2156.


“Meatball Mania”Prepare your favorite meatball recipe. Sides include: noodles, rice, green beans, tossed salad and sub-rolls,
Tea, Lemonade, and Coffee

A Purpose-driven Conservative

Delegate Jeff Frederick, 52nd District, was the guest speaker at MCRW’s March 18th meeting.

“It’s a pivotal time in Virginia for our party,” said Frederick, the owner of a small IT consulting business who is running for the Chairmanship of the Republican Party of Virginia against incumbent Chairman John Hager. “We’re one election away from losing all our majority.”

“We’re just three seats away from losing the majority in the House of Delegates. We lost four seats last November. Three seats is not a very high threshold,” Frederick added.

Frederick noted that a Democrat majority will redraw the districts to benefit themselves.

“All that work we’ve put out in winning the majority, so we can govern, will go away,“ said Frederick. “We’ll lose 20% more of our seats.”

“This year and next we’ll face some of the toughest elections in our history. Our party cannot afford to have any more losses,” he said. “Our ideas win nothing if we don’t win the right to govern with our ideas.

“I’m also running because I know how to win,” said Frederick, citing his 59% vote in a Democrat area. “I don’t compromise my values. I keep the promises I made to them [the voters].”

“The problem that I have with the Republican Party is that the voters don’t necessarily trust us. In order to get winning again, we must get organized as a party. The Democrats have been doing a very good job of convincing the voters that they will do a center-right job also. We must be a party that stands for real change, not just to accumulate power.”

“I’m optimistic about our future if we can take advantage of what is before us. When we win, it’s because we win from the grassroots up. Not from the top down. Our strength will come from strong unit committees.”

“We need a party that will lead the charge against Democrats. Imagine a Republican Party that starts wining again. It can happen. We need to, as Ronald Reagan said, ‘Lead boldly.’"

“When I ran for office in 2003, I promised that I would not ever vote to raise your taxes and I’ve kept that promise. Why in the world should government think that it should be able to increase its spending at a faster rate than your income is increasing for you and your family?”

“No body thinks that we’re getting our money’s worth with anything the government does. I think we have a higher obligation to make sure that not just every dollar but every penny is spent well.”

“It’s going to take a purpose-driven chairman to unify us in Virginia,” said Anne Farmer. “You have my vote,” she added.

Fredericks has said that as chairman he would refrain from getting involved in nomination contests - taking sides in a primary, for example. He promises to support all Republicans and work to make sure Republican nominees get elected, a position which does not sit well with those who feel the first priority of a Chairman should be incumbent protection - in the nominating process as well as the general election.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Quote of the Day

"You've got Ms. Pelosi and the traditional Democrat groups basically wanting to see this population of 20 million illegals voting for Democrats. They want to give them residency, citizenship, and register them to vote so they can use this illegal population as a political bloc that's [beholden] to them because they're the one who empowered them with the votes."

Congressman Brian Bilbray (R-CA 50th)

U.S. Constitution Trumps International Treaties

The U.S. Supreme Court recently rejected an order from the International Court of Justice (ICJ) – the United Nations’ “principal judicial organ” headquartered at The Hague, also known as the “World Court” – undercuting arguments that accession to international treaties requires the United States to disregard the Constitution.

The Supreme Court ruled that the U.S. Constitution requires action by the legislative branch to transform a non-self-executing treaty obligation into domestic law.

For more on this topic, go to the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cut and Run Democrats trade national security for leftwing brownie points

Email from John McCain


"Should the United States choose to withdraw from Iraq as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama wish to do; before adequate security is established, we will exchange for this victory a defeat that is terrible and long lasting. Al Qaeda in Iraq would proclaim victory and increase its efforts to provoke sectarian tensions, pushing for a full scale civil war that could descend into genocide and destabilize the Middle East. Iraq would become a failed state that could become a haven for terrorists to train and plan their operations.

We cannot allow this to happen.

The American people deserve the truth from their leaders. Doing the right thing in the heat of a political campaign is not always the easiest thing. But when 4,000 Americans have given their lives so that America does not suffer the worst consequences of our failure in Iraq, it is a necessary thing. In such a grave matter, we must put the nation's interests before our own ambitions.

My opponents' calls for an immediate withdraw, regardless of the consequences, is a reckless and dangerous move that would threaten the long term security of our country. Leadership is not about bowing to the political pressures, it is about thinking through the consequences and having the experience and judgment to make the tough decisions.

Senators Clinton and Obama will surely echo the sentiments of their extreme liberal supporters and call for a pre-emptive withdrawal from Iraq. The American people deserve better. I encourage both candidates to move beyond empty and destructive rhetoric and elevate the debate to a level that the country deserves. There are tough decisions ahead and America deserves leaders that are up to the challenge.

As president, I will ensure that our troops come home victorious in this war that is part of the larger struggle against radical Islamic extremism and will continue to make keeping our nation secure my highest priority."

John McCain

More Leftwing Hatred for American servicemen and women

"McCain was a fighter pilot, who dropped laser-guided missiles from 35,000 feet. He was long gone when they hit. What happened when they [the missiles] get to the ground? He doesn’t know. You have to care about the lives of people. McCain never gets into those issues."
Democrat Senator Jay Rockefeller, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, smearing every Americanfighter pilot in the United States Air Force and impugning the integrity of our military men and women

“SenatorRockefeller’s statement is an insult to all the men and women who are serving or have served in America’s military. Had Senator Rockefeller served himself, he would appreciate and understand that most who have been to war emerge with a much deeper concern for humanity than they otherwise might. If he knew what he was talking about, he would know that John McCain wasn’t dropping laser-guided missiles at 35,000 feet in 1967."
Retired Marine Lt. Col. Orson Swindle

“I have deep respect for John McCain’s honorable and noble service to our country. I made an inaccurate and wrong analogy and I have extended my sincere apology to him. …I regret my very poor choice of words.”
Democrat Senator Jay Rockefeller

"Senator Rockefeller should be aiming his fire at these radicals who are transforming the party of JFK and FDR into the party of Michael Moore and George Soros. The chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee should not be kowtowing to these fringe extremists by adopting their hateful leftwing rhetoric to attack Senator McCain.

Americans may be frustrated with the pace of progress in Iraq, but I believe the “silent majority” is rapidly running out of patience for the “blame America first” crowd and the “God D--- America” chorus."

Gary Bauer, Campaign for Working Families

Quotes of the Day

Vets for Freedom was joined at a press conference on Capitol Hill by Senators McCain, Lieberman, and Graham; as well as Democrat Jim Marshall and two dozen other Senators and Representatives.
"No one detests war more than a veteran ... you know better than any the consequences of defeat. My friends, we will never surrender to the extremists." - Senator John McCain

"Do not underestimate the contribution you have made on the political battlefield at home." - Senator Joe Lieberman

"You want to know who wants you to come home more than anybody? Al Qaeda because you''re kicking their ass." - Senator Lindsay Graham

Thirty media outlets covered the event. As the press conference concluded, over 400 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and members of Vets for Freedom descended on Capitol Hill, where over 300 meetings were held with their representatives in the Senate and the House. The message was simple: support the commanders on the ground and let the troops win!

The final day of the Tour will be in New York City.

Monday, April 7, 2008

May 1st is the 57th Annual National Day of Prayer

The theme for the 57th Annual National Day of Prayer “Prayer! America’s Strength and Shield” – is taken from Psalm 28:7a:
"The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him, and I am helped."

"In his 1863 Proclamation for a National Day of Fasting, Humiliation and Prayer, President Abraham Lincoln said,

“It behooves us, then to humble ourselves before the offended Power, to confess our national sins, and to pray for clemency and forgiveness.” In the context of our time, Lincoln’s words have the ring of prophecy – words spoken to his fellows in a time of internal war and personal tragedies, yet words which seem so very appropriate for us today."
If we do not heed the warnings made obvious by our critically ill culture, the illness could be terminal. Time and time again God has judged nations by the character of His people. When His people failed in their faith, their nations fell. America’s believers – broadcasters and brick masons, plumbers and preachers, janitors and judges, editors and educators – must spend time on our faces before Almighty God, repenting of our personal sins as well as our national sins.

Pray for a deepening personal relationship with the Savior; for families in America, including your own; for your workplace, office, home or classroom; for unsaved family, friends and acquaintances, co-workers; for city, county, state and national leaders; and for leaders in the Body of Christ in America and around the world.

Finally, pray for this year’s critical elections. From the White House to the courthouse, pray that Godly men and women will be elected and appointed to public office.

On May 1 find a way to participate in National Day of Prayer and/or Meet at City Hall. There has never been a more critical time nor a greater opportunity for the Body of Christ to be salt and light in our nation."

For church and individual resources and information to promote, participate in or organize a prayer event in your community:

AFA’s 17th Annual Meet at City Hall

National Day of Prayer

Randall Murphree, American Family Association

Best Quote from a Government Official

"How will this amendment benefit the citizens of Madison County?"

Rodney Lillard, Chairman, Madison County Planning Commission

at a joint public hearing held by the Madison County Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors, Wednesday, April 2, 2008, to receive public comment and consider adoption of an ordinance to Amend the Madison County Zoning Ordinance as follows:
Amend the definition of Home Occupation in Article 20-98 to allow the use of mechanical equipment that emits a sound level during the hours between 6:00 am and 10:00 pm of 80dBH or less when measured at or outside the property line and to allow by special use permit a home occupation with no more than (4) employees in addition to the owner(s) of the property, who are not required to reside on the property or have any relation to the owner(s) in the Residential, Limited R-1, Residential, General R-2, and Residential, Multiple Family R-3 Zoning Districts.
This was quite a break from the current definition of Madison County Zoning Ordinance, Article 20-98 which reads

An occupation limited to
person(s) who reside on the premises where there is no evidence (except for signs as otherwise herein provided) that will indicate from the exterior that the building is being utilized in whole or in part for any purpose other than a dwelling or accessory building thereto; provided, however, a home occupation with less than three (3) employees who are regularly employed on the site may be permitted by special use permit in Conservation (C-1) and Agricultural (A-1) zones and a home occupation conducted solely within the home without employees other than those who reside on the premises and without any customer traffic to the home shall be permitted by right in Conservation (C-1), (R-2) and Residential, Multiple Family (R-3) zones. A home occupation shall use no mechanical equipment exceeding 5 horsepower other than that which is normally used for domestic or household purposes.

The aforesaid amendments shall apply to all home occupations which have heretofore been granted a special use permit.

During the period for comments from the audience, Madison County Republican Committee Vice Chair Frank Stidman voiced strong opposition from the Committee.

Former Vice Chair Al Martin told the PC/BOS members, "The decibel level Rockingham-Page County allows the Shenandoah Speedway is 80 decibels measured on the property line - the same as this ordinance would permit a business."

Robert Kane, an engineer who has recently done work on a similar issue, give an explanation of decibel levels. He also opposed the amendment as did everyone who came to speak on the issue except for Mrs. Carpenter of Brightwood.

Mrs. Carpenter supported the amendment which was submitted by an illegal machine shop, located 10 from the property line on less than an acre in Brightwood, an R2 area. She claimed to know of 10-15 other illegal businesses in the county and felt it wasn't fair to turn down the amendment.

When it came time to vote, the Planning Commission voted unanimously against the amendment. After a brief break, the Board of Supervisors, who had been listing to the PC hearing, convened for their vote.

Chairman Eddie Dean said that it was the right of citizens to petition the government and he encouraged the public to contact supervisors with their concerns. Nonetheless, the vote from the supervisors was 4 to 1 against the amendment.

Supervisor Bob Miller indicated that he thought some changes were needed for R2 and R3 but this amendment was not the way to address it, so the issue of allowing special use permits in these Residential zones may resurface at a later date.

Send a fax to thank the PC at 540-3843, and emails to the BOS at

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Get Connected to NFRW

Here's a great offer for members of Madison County Republican Women. Members are invited to sign up for the National Federation of Republican Women's (NFRW) free e-mail network, which includes weekly news and issues briefings, CAP Alerts, the Republican Woman magazine and more.

Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General of Virginia, 2009

  • Pro-property rights
  • Defender of the Second Amendment
  • Pro-life
  • Anti-tax
  • Favors strict controls on illegal immigration
  • Has sponsored various proposals to rein in the size of government
  • Advocate for mental health reform
  • "Stalwart conservative"
  • "A personable, reasonable, and nice person" (and that's from a liberal)

Hey, what's not to like?

Senator Cuccinelli hopes to join "a ticket that will likely be headed by gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell, the current attorney general, and Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, who will seek re-election," according to the Roanoke Times.

Click here to sign up to be a Cuccinelli Delegate at the 2009 Republican Convention - June 6, 2009 in Richmond.

Senator Cuccinelli will be the Guest Speaker at Madison County Republican Women's September 16, 2008 meeting.

Quote of the Day

"Ideas and solutions that work should be models to be shared and refined. When President Ronald Reagan signed legislation to abolish parole in the federal system in 1984, he recognized that the existing sentencing and parole system was adding to rising crime rates and was fundamentally unfair to the victims of crime and to the public. This was a major shift in criminal justice policy and served as inspiration for changes I advocated during my campaign for governor of Virginia in 1993. Parole abolition and truth-in-sentencing have worked to make Virginians safer and brought credibility to the justice system."

George Allen

Mr. Allen served as Virginia’s governor and U.S. senator. He is currently the Reagan Ranch Presidential Scholar for Young America’s Foundation.

To read the rest of Mr. Allen's column click here.