Monday, May 19, 2008

Quote of the Day

"The porn industry and their friends at the ACLU seek an America where there are no legal limits on pornography--no limit to how graphic it may be, no limit to the people it can exploit for profit, including children. And they're winning. Not because what they're doing is legal, but because they're getting away with it... [U]ltimately it's up to the American people to decide what's illegal... but the people become disenfranchised when obscenity laws are not vigorously enforced. Without obscenity prosecutions there are no juries. No juries mean no verdicts. And no verdicts mean the people have no voice. That leaves the porn industry to set the standards for the culture. We call on the Bush administration... to give us back our voice and vigorously enforce [our] obscenity laws."

Cathy Ruse

Family Research Council