Monday, July 14, 2008

Boycott: Mickey D goes anti-Christian

McDonald's steps away from their family-friendly image to insult and debase Christians. The Family Research Council and the American Family Association invite you to join the protest and enjoy a Big Mac-Free Day.

"Haters." That's how Bill Whitman, a McDonald's spokesman, describes customers who oppose homosexuality on moral grounds. Responding to the powerful boycott by the American Family Association (AFA), Whitman made it clear that one of America's largest and most successful franchises disdains the views of its religious customers, most of whom are outraged by the company's new partnership with groups that promote same-sex marriage, like the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

Obviously, these executives dismiss the buying power of American families. AFA's campaigns against the Ford Motor Company and other corporations have cost Fortune 500 companies millions in sales and even more in consumer goodwill. Unless it distances itself from the pro-gay lobby, McDonald's will have to learn the hard way that values don't just belong on the menu, they belong in company policy as well. To protest the decision, we encourage you to download the McDonald's flyer found on and take it to a manager near you.

Tony Perkins

Family Research Council