Tuesday, July 15, 2008

John McCain: The Right Kind of Change

John McCain displays an understanding of the importance of small business in America. He also notes the many differences on the issues between himself and liberal Democrat Barack Obama. excerpt...

"In this very tough time for our economy and for our workers and families across our country, job creation among small businesses is crucial. I know that, more than anything else, small businesses are what make the American economy run. You're the ones who take the risks, often with little start-up money and nothing to fall back on. You are the engines of innovation in this country. For women, for immigrants and for people of every background, small businesses are the path to success and to the American dream...

Senator Obama and I disagree on a long list of issues, including: tax policy, health-care reform, trade, and government spending. We offer very different choices to the American people. And those choices will have very different consequences for American workers and small business owners.

I want to break down foreign trade barriers, so that America's small businesses can compete abroad. When new trading partners can sell in our market, and American companies can sell in theirs, the gains are great and lasting. And as we expand markets for American products, we must do more tax reform here at home. I will propose and sign into law a reform to permit the first-year expensing of new equipment and technology. We're also going to keep the low rate on capital gains, so that businesses like yours can expand and create jobs instead of just sending more of your earnings to the government.

No matter which one of us wins in November, there will be change. The question is, what kind of change? I know I can bring about the right kind of change that centers on government reform."

John McCain