Friday, July 25, 2008

John McCain: Securing Our Energy Future

B. Hussein Obama may spout a lot of hot air but he doesn't seem to have much interest in actually producing energy in America. John McCain has a plan to get America going in the right direction.

In Columbus, Ohio, John McCain spoke this week with local small business owners about the economic challenges they face and how his plans will help them confront the cost of higher gas prices and create new jobs.

John McCain understands that high gas prices are squeezing family budgets and putting pressure on all Americans at home and at work. His comprehensive energy plan will provide relief to American families through a gas tax holiday and will secure America's energy independence for the long-term through the development of alternative sources of energy and expanded oil exploration. Click here to learn more about the details of his plan.

We released a new television ad this week entitled "Pump" that highlights Barack Obama's opposition to initiatives that will help lower gas prices and achieve energy independence. Watch it today.