Friday, July 18, 2008

Obama: Pander and slander as he throws federal immigration agents under the bus

Gary Bauer thoughtfully analyzes Obama's most recent attack on law enforcement. It's getting pretty crowded under Obama's bus.

Obama’s “Hateful” Rhetoric

"In my weekly Human Events column, I examine more thoroughly Barack Obama’s accusation that enforcement of our immigration laws amounts to “terrorism” against certain communities. It’s a disgusting and demoralizing slander against the men and women who bravely risk their lives to enforce our laws.

But then again it’s par for the course for the party that has accused our military of being “cold-blooded killers,” of “terrorizing women and children” in Iraq and compared our guards at GITMO to Nazis. Sixties hippies called our police officers “pigs,” and Obama has excited the former radicals, like Bill “the Bomber” Ayers and other “Blame America First” nuts, like no candidate since ’68. I hope and pray that America’s “Silent Majority” will once again speak up loudly and clearly on Election Day, just like it did in 1968. You can read my column at Thank you."

Gary Bauer

Campaign for Working Families