Friday, July 18, 2008

Republicans work to lift the bans on American oil, Democrats obstruct and delay

The National Republican Congressional Committee is working to increase production of fuel in America. Wouldn't it be nice if Democrats did the same? Queen Nancy says, let the people drive little cars and pay through the nose for gas, refusing to even allow a vote on the issue. That's the Democrat solution.

Energy and the worst-ever approval rating for Congress lead congressional news headlines this week.

On Monday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a stunning declaration about increasing the supply of American made fuel. Roll Call reported, "Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) appears intent on preventing votes on opening more areas to offshore drilling..." (Roll Call, 7/14/08) This is inexcusable. When Americans are canceling vacations because gasoline is over $4.00 per gallon, Democrats plan to adjourn work for a month-long vacation the first of August WITHOUT holding a vote to drill for American oil.

Sign our online petition today and demand Congress take immediate action to lower gas prices before going on vacation.

Our Republican congressional candidates continue the drumbeat against Democrats who stand in the way of more energy supply:


Washington Post, July 15, 2008: "New York Republicans are fanning voter anger over rising gas prices and high taxes in an effort to oust Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand, a freshman Democrat whose upstate district is considered one of the few places where embattled House Republicans could pick up a seat this year. For weeks, Republican candidate Sandy Treadwell has aired a TV ad in the upper Hudson River Valley district that proclaims the Democrat-led Congress has 'played politics with energy and failed to get things done.'...The rhetoric likely resonates in New York, where voters shoulder some of the largest tax burdens and pay more than most for fuel...Republican Party strategists say Mrs. Gillibrand will be hit for backing liberal House Democratic leaders, including opposing more domestic oil drilling and voting for a budget critics call the largest tax increase in U.S. history." (more)


Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, July 11, 2008: "GOP leaders attack the Democrat-led House and Senate daily for 'doing nothing' to lower gas prices and for blocking increasingly popular proposals to lift the bans on oil and gas drilling off most U.S. coasts and in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge...Rep. Randy Kuhl, R-Hammondsport, Steuben County, is Boehner's point man on the issue and is pushing for Democrats to allow a vote on a Republican energy bill that would step up domestic drilling and encourage the construction of new oil refineries. 'By forbidding a vote on my energy agenda, the Democratic leadership is using your gasoline pain for their political gain,' said Kuhl...'It's the No. 1 issue on voters' minds,' said Ken Spain of the National Republican Congressional Committee. 'Democrats' inaction has certainly left an opening for Republican candidates.'" (more)


Herald Times Reporter, July 11, 2008: "In the 8th Congressional District, Republican challenger John Gard is taking a page from the Republican campaign playbook on gas prices in his run against incumbent Democrat Steve Kagen. Gard says Kagen as part of the Democratic majority in Congress has done little to increase domestic oil production...In the 8th District, Gard is calling for oil and gas exploration in ANWR and other areas now off-limits to drilling because of environmental concerns. The royalties from leasing the lands would go toward developing renewable fuels. He argues that world market prices would drop quickly if Congress approved drilling in Alaska. 'I think OPEC would immediately change their practices because they would say, "Oh my God, the Americans are serious," Gard said." (more)


No wonder the new Gallup Poll this week shows Congress's approval rating has slipped to an all-time low of 14%. It's not hard to figure out why. Rank and file Democrats are acting like lapdog for Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Leadership. Their excuses for blocking meaningful energy legislation are as empty as voters' wallets after filling up their gas tanks. Sign our petition now and send a message to congress that enough is enough! Vote now to drill for American oil.


Finally, don't miss this great video of Republican Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann (MN-6) on CNN this week talking about the need to increase America's energy supply.

"Our strategy, of House Republicans, is an all of the above strategy. We believe in accessing all of America's great, rich energy resources, which is why we're going not only to ANWR, but also to the National Energy Renewable Laboratory in Colorado. America's sitting on a treasure trove, a veritable treasure trove of energy resources. We want to make sure that all of those resources are brought online..." (Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann)