Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What kind of bus can't fly?

Have a little fun and use up some creative energy. Name that tanker for French Airbus!
"It seems that our friends at French Airbus need some help. A recent Air Force Magazine article reports that French Airbus and Northrop Grumman can no longer refer to their "tanker" as the KC-45, the official Air Force designation for the new tanker.

French Airbus called its tanker the KC-30 on their bid for the contract - its first stab at ever building such a plane. Since the tanker was simply a tweaked version of a commercial plane, the Airbus A330, the name made sense. But after French Airbus "won" the contract, it launched an advertising blitz calling its "tanker" the "KC-45."

There was a problem though. According to the GAO, the Pentagon's bidding process was significantly flawed and now the Pentagon has called for the contract to be re-bid. Since the French Airbus "tanker" is not a KC-45, French Airbus cannot use that designation.

Can we help French Airbus find a new name for their "tanker?" Keep in mind this is a plane it claims to be "American-made," when in fact it will only be assembled in the U.S. - the parts will be manufactured in Europe. French Airbus also claims that its tanker is tested and ready - it's not.

Let's help our friends at French Airbus re-name their tanker."

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Jeff Mazzella
America's Tanker
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