Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The American Energy Act Deserves Your Support

Guest Columnist J. Dori Callahan

On Monday, August 11, 2008, a few friends and I drove to Washington, DC to listen to the Republican Rebels in the House of Representatives speak in reference to the American Energy Act.

It was quite an honor to sit in the very seats formerly used by many great statesmen. At the same time, very disheartening to hear of the undemocratic method utilized by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to stop representatives from voting on oil drilling options in the United States. Democrat Nancy Pelosi slammed her gavel down on August 1 at 11:15 AM and shut the Congress down with over 100 representatives waiting to speak on the gas crisis. Speaker Pelosi refused to listen to the Republican congressmen because the Democrats apparently did not have an equivalent number to rebut the Republicans; Speaker Pelosi simply shut your House of Representatives down, turned down all the lights, disconnected the microphones used during sessions, turned of the televised C-Span, and sent all the representatives on a five week vacation. Speaker Pelosi used this method to stop the process of voting to drill for oil in the United States requested by more than 73% of American citizens. Senator Pelosi has stated that she would never have a vote on this issue.

Congressmen, Kevin Brady (TX), Mike Conaway (TX), Tom Price (GA), RandyKuhl (NY), and Trent Frank (AZ) all spoke out for American citizens requesting the Speaker to end the vacation. “End the vacation, stop the vacation and give us and up or down vote on producing more energy right here in America. We’re here on behalf of the American people.”

Beginning with the statement “This is the house of the American people,” Congressman Brady made this request to the audience; “We’re not permitted to even use your resources. Let’s use less energy, but fine more resources. No one will hear that message if you don’t repeat it. American people need to hear this message. This is still a democracy. To never get a chance to vote is just wrong. Call the speaker’s office and tell her you want a vote.”

The Congressmen presented a telephone number for Speaker Pelosi at that time. When called, it would not take a message. Speaker Pelosi did not want to hear the voice of America. (I found another number to call to leave a message for Speaker Pelosi by contacting Rep. Cantor’s office). Also others at this meeting indicated that one could not send e-mail to Speaker Pelosi’s office unless you came from her district. In addition, if you write a letter, it will take at least 3 months before they are read. In this instance, Speaker Pelosi has silenced the voices of the American people she represents. She is unconcerned about the citizen’s problems with energy costs, and most certainly does not care to resolve the energy crisis by drilling in America.

If you listen to the Speaker and other Democrats talking about alternative energy sources, remember there have been discussions on alternative fuel methods for decades. After all these alternative fuel discussions, the ones offered are either too expensive for mass reproduction, ineffective, or unable to be reproduced due to creating crop losses for animals. No one is saying America should not search for alternative energy methods, but the logical solution is drill first everywhere possible. At the same time, begin alternative quests.

Everyone has noticed a slight drop in fuel prices simply because drilling is being discussed. Do not let this drop fool you. Gas prices may lower to about $3.50, and people will be so happy at the slight respite, they’ll stop complaining. This sort of practice is pulled until after the election, and then the prices will climb again. Nothing will change unless you as citizens get involved.

There are currently 5 Republican and 5 Democrat Senators trying to undermine the American Energy Act of the Congressmen mention above. This group has a plan” which does nothing but follow the Democrat plan of alternative fuel. Their plan adds additional regulations on the existing regulations, which cause unreasonable delays on drilling today, and basically pushes alternative fuels instead of drilling.

The names of the Senators holding hands with the Democrats in this action are: Senators Lindsey Graham, John Thume, Saxby Chambliss, Bob Coker, and Johnny Isakson. It is important to tell these Senators to join with the Rebel Republicans, stop interfering with their progress. The Senators are going against the will of both Republicans and Democrats in preventing or slowing drilling. This may not be an emergency for the Senators, but it sure is for the people they represent.

Congressman Trent Frank said, “I used to be a producer of oil and gas. It takes 10-20 years to get it out of the ground, but MOST of that effort is due to Government REGULATIONS. Once you start drilling the average depth well, you can start producing in a MONTH. The reason we’re in this crisis mode now is because our forbearers didn’t deal with it.” (Regulation difficulties)

“Every day we are funding Jihadist terrorism by buying Middle East Oil.”

Citizens can help the brave band of Rebel Congressmen by calling President Bush and all representatives and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, demanding a vote on drilling now. Unless we get the representatives back from their vacation, this vote will not happen.

The prices will not change unless citizens make it happen. Congress is not and has not acted on behalf of the people on this energy crisis. We can make it happen.