Saturday, September 27, 2008

Notes from the Round-Up and the First Debate, etc.

The threat of rain didn't dampen anyone's spirits at the 4th Annual Republican Round-Up, held today at Innsbrook Pavilion in Glen Allen, Virginia. In fact, the event brought out a record crowd to enjoy family fun, great barbecue, and rally for the Republican ticket. One of the most popular spots was the McCain-Palin table where bumper stickers and yard signs were the hot item of the day.

Republican leaders and candidates were on hand aplenty but the featured speaker, Congressman Eric Cantor, wasn't able to leave Washington until the event was nearly over. He was busy at the Capitol working to find an acceptable bank-rescue solution for the people in his 7th District, Virginia, and for all Americans.

Click here to read Lawrence Kudlow's article on Congressman Cantor's excellent idea for a "federal bond insurance guarantee for straight mortgage-backed paper, financed by private-sector insurance premiums."

Despite the spin from the 'Main Stream Media for Obama' consortium, John McCain won the debate. At least that was the opinion at today's Republican Round-Up and elsewhere.

Commenting on Barack Obama's performance, viewers said he was "arrogant"; he acted like "a jerk"; he "lacked specifics"; his conduct, his constant interrupting, and his smirking was "disrespectful"; and he "still refuses to admit when he makes a mistake."

On the other hand, this small unscientific sampling felt that "McCain held his own in the economic portion and tore Obama up in the 2nd part on foreign policy." It was noted that Obama appeared to be taking cues from someone in the audience and there was a concern over whether 'Mr. Smooth' had been given the questions in advance.

In the debate, Obama had the unflattering and annoying appearance of a condescending professor. For all his rudeness, he agreed with McCain eight times in the debate and his slap down later from Henry Kissinger made him look foolish.

Elsewhere, McCain is the hands down leader on all the AOL polls which, although also unscientific, have never been wrong, according to one AOL subscriber who has helped her Hillary-loving parents become Democrats for McCain.