Friday, October 17, 2008

Barack Obama = More dead babies

Barack Obama is the Un-Choice leader of the left. Think about him as you read this information from The Elliot Institute.

What Every American Needs to Know

Few people know about widespread unwanted, coerced or even forced abortions in America.

Few fully understand its heartbreaking, even deadly, aftermath for teens and women of all ages — especially when the abortion was unwanted, coerced or forced ... or if family, friends and even experts dismiss widespread coercion, unwanted abortions, injury and heartbreak ... or if they fail even to acknowledge those hurt or killed by pregnancy- and abortion-related violence or to acknowledge families who have lost a loved one in the aftermath of abortion.

For decades, many women and couples seeking facts and assistance were denied help when they needed it most, pressured from all sides, or given false or misleading information from trusted health care providers, experts, parents and even pastors.

Some were told there was no available help. Others were deceived about fetal development and kept in the dark about alternatives, even though studies indicate the majority felt pressured by others or rushed and uncertain. Few were screened for unwanted, coerced or forced abortion. Now, they’re left to absorb the significant, heartbreaking and sometimes deadly aftereffects alone.

Why are they calling abortion The UnChoice?

  • 64% of abortions involve coercion.

  • 84% of women having abortions were not fully informed.

  • 52% felt rushed and 54% uncertain beforehand, yet

  • 67% received no counseling beforehand, and

  • 79% were not informed about alternatives.

  • Most suffer trauma symptoms and face a significantly higher risk of injury or death after abortion.

  • Coercion is common and can escalate to violence.

  • Homicide is the leading killer of pregnant women.

This is not about free, fair, safe, compassionate or fully informed “choice” for women. Nor is it a just substitute for the full disclosure, meaningful alternatives and practical support that women need and deserve.

Those who would pressure or even force teens and women into unwanted abortions need to know:

  • Risk of death for women is 62% higher after abortion.

  • 31% suffer health complications after abortion.

  • 65% suffer symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

  • 60% said “part of me died.”

  • Teens are 6 times more likely to commit suicide if they’ve had an abortion in the last 6 months.

  • Clinical depression risk is 65% higher after abortion.

  • Suicide rates are 6 times higher after abortion.

Please support candidates who advocate for authentic women’s rights, including freedom from coerced, unwanted, deceptively informed, traumatic, injurious and/or forced abortions; and the right to expert acknowledgment of and healing from post-abortion heartbreak and trauma.

Learn more about unwanted abortions, risks and post-abortion healing ... including how you can help women, men and families hurt by pregnancy- and abortion-related injustices. Visit