Wednesday, October 15, 2008

John McCain: A Man of Action


John McCain has a bold plan to take our country in a new direction by getting our economy back on track, creating jobs, keeping people in their homes, helping those near retirement, curbing spending, lowering health care costs and achieving energy independence.

John McCain has a plan to ensure we take care of the people who have been devastated by the excesses of Wall Street and Washington. He will not spend taxpayer money on just bailing out Wall Street.

John McCain has a plan to protect home values and get them rising again by buying up bad mortgages and refinancing them. Everyone is being impacted by declining home values.

John McCain has a plan to let retirees and people nearing retirement keep their money in their retirement accounts so they can rebuild their savings.

John McCain has a plan to cut takes so we can be more competitive and create jobs here at home. Raising taxes makes a bad economy worse. Keeping taxes low creates jobs and strengthens our economy.

John McCain has a plan to make government live on a budget by freezing all government spending save for defense, veterans care, Social Security and health care. He will scrub every single government program to eliminate those that don't work, and he will veto every single pork-barrel bill.

We can't afford Barack Obama's nearly trillion dollars in spending which will mean higher taxes or more debt.

John McCain has a plan to bring down the skyrocketing health care costs and make it more available for more Americans. John McCain will provide every single American family with a $5,000 refundable tax credit to help them purchase health insurance. Workers who already have health insurance from their employers will keep it and have more money to cover costs. Workers who don't have insurance can use it to find a policy anywhere in the country.

We can't afford Barack Obama's health care plan that will fine small businesses and families with children to force them into a new huge government-run health care program.

John McCain has a plan to help small businesses by keeping taxes low so they can create more jobs.

America's small businesses can't afford Barack Obama's tax increases which will force them to cut jobs.

John McCain has a plan to open new markets to American goods and make sure our trade is free and fair.

We can't afford Barack Obama's plans to make it harder to sell our goods overseas and kill more jobs.

John McCain has an "all of the above" energy plan to achieve strategic energy independence, lower energy costs and create millions of new jobs.

Americans can't afford Barack Obama's opposition to more drilling and building new nuclear power plants.