Friday, October 31, 2008

Listen to what Obama is saying

Guest Columnist J. Dori Callahan

One more time, I am trying to open the eyes and ears of the voting population to the realism of Obamanomics. No one has to be told that the worlds economic system is on the verge of collapse and the America we’ve all enjoyed for generations will be no longer. According to Marxist theory quoted from “ the transition to a socialist society required a revolution and the dissolution of the capitalist state.” Obama’s economic plan strongly resembles Marxist/socialist theories.

There are many countries today that at least nominally adhere to Marxism: China, Russia, North Korea, Cuba, Yugoslavia, Vietnam, Albania, Cambodia, Ethiopia, South Yeman, Romania along with several others. Some of these countries have been democratic in nature and maintained regular multiparty elections, while most have established authoritarian governments. The authoritarian government is the area where Obama’s policies seem to point.

Listening to Obama’s plan of income redistribution certainly points to be the Government eventually controlling everything, including small businesses. These ideas destroy privately owned business and personal aspirations.

“Many of these self-proclaimed Marxist nations eventually became authoritarian states, with stagnating economies.”

And if this election comes out as predicted, with a Democrat controlled House and Senate, there will be no checks and balance system and Obamanomics will lead the way of the nation. This will cause small businesses closure, more job loss, and larger businesses will abandon America for foreign nations offering opportunities for cheaper labor and less taxes.

Obama’s plan of raising taxes during an economic downturn has been tried before and caused depressions that took years to over-come. The trillions of dollars required by Obama’s socialistic reformation doesn’t exist in today’s government. Our current government is broke due to the Democrat’s policy of demanding mortgage loans for people that could not afford to pay them, and President Bush lacking the guts to get on the bully pulpit and let everyone know what was happening, even while congressional Republicans tried numerous times to fix the impending economic disaster, and Democrats blocked the effort.

Now, Pelosi and the same Democrats who continued to protect Fannie and Freddie ignoring the pending catastrophe, plan to send out another stimulus package creating even more taxes for taxpayers. As for myself, I don’t want to pay 55 cents of every dollar I earn because of some politicians greediness, or trying to buy a position.

Voters, open your eyes, and listen to what candidates actually say. Don’t let the media think for you and select your president.

America is not lost…yet.