Saturday, October 25, 2008

McCain-Palin Represent Opportunity for All Americans

If you believe that you can dream big, work hard and be successful, then you are a "Joe the Plumber." If you want to choose how you spread your wealth around instead of having it confiscated by a Socialist thugaucracy that thinks you are too stupid to know how to make the best use of your money, then you are a "Joe the Plumber." Rick Davis, McCain-Palin 2008 Campaign Manager, explains the difference between "spreading the wealth around" and spreading opportunity for everyone to succeed. Be sure to click on the link at the end and view the videos.

Instead of spreading wealth around, John McCain and Sarah Palin will spread opportunity

"Recently in Ohio, Senator Obama finally broke down and famously told "Joe the Plumber" that his economic plan is to, "spread the wealth around." Joe is working hard to realize the American dream, as are millions of other people who work hard, pay taxes and dream of owning a small business one day. Barack Obama will raise taxes on hardworking Americans to give a government handout to the 40% of Americans who pay no income taxes.

Thanks to "Joe the Plumber," voters are starting to see the clear difference between John McCain and Barack Obama on taxes.

Joe's story is your story ... the story of hard work and the American dream. "Joe the Plumber" isn't just one man in Ohio ... it's every person in America with hopes, dreams and the desire to work hard with the opportunity to succeed.

John McCain and Sarah Palin have an economic plan that celebrates the American dream of opportunity, not government giveaways. In this country, we believe in spreading opportunity, for those who need jobs and those who create them. That's why their economic plan - Jobs for America - is so important for the American people in this time of economic crisis.

While Barack Obama is ready to "spread the wealth around," John McCain has a plan to get our economy moving so everyone has access to good jobs, a quality education and the opportunity to succeed.

John McCain and Sarah Palin don't just talk about change ... they deliver.

This election is certainly about change - there's no doubt about it. But that's why we're talking to voters about the difference between lower taxes and the opportunity to work hard for the American dream ... or higher taxes and government giveaways with Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

You can trust John McCain and Sarah Palin because they are the real deal; reformers with a record who stand by their words and will always put their country first.

Time and time again this team of mavericks has stood up, taken on tough issues and delivered. They're the real deal. They have a clear record that can deliver results, not just rhetoric that delivers votes.

In the last 12 days of this campaign, we want voters to hear the story of "Joe the Plumber" to understand the important differences between John McCain and Barack Obama. Please take a minute today to watch videos submitted to our "I'm Joe the Plumber" video contest to see how people all across America recognize that they too are Joe the Plumber."