Friday, October 24, 2008

Obama's radical agenda

"You know already that Barack Obama is planning massive new taxes to "spread the wealth" and dozens of new programs for the government to control nearly every aspect of our lives.

What he doesn’t talk about is how he, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the hard-left Democrats who run the Congress are on the verge of a filibuster-proof majority that would allow them to pass ANY new tax or government takeover they want.

Think what this would mean -- everything on the Democrat wish-list being enacted into law:
  • The HIGHEST taxes on individuals and business in 50 years -- passed!
  • Government healthcare and control over your doctor -- passed!
  • Deep cuts in our military -- passed!
  • Massive new benefits & entitlements to illegals -- passed!
  • Union control of the workplace and no secret ballots -- passed!
  • Environmental regulations with their own police force -- passed!
  • The "fairness doctrine" to stifle conservative speech -- passed!
The Democrats are so confident of victory, they are already talking publicly about even more taxes beyond what Obama has proposed. Their agenda is clear; expand the power of government at every level and suppress conservative opposition to their plans."

Jeff Frederick
Chairman, Republican Party of Virginia