Friday, October 31, 2008

Quote of the Day

“Obama Wins; Dems Capture 60 Senate Seats! Hillary Nominated To Supreme Court”

"Happy Halloween, my friends! I thought that headline might scare you.

But what will scare you even more is the assault on our values, our wallets and our liberties if that mock headline turns out to be prophetic. Don’t let it happen! You’ve got four days to convince your friends and family members to support the McCain/Palin ticket and conservative candidates for Congress.

And to help you do that, Campaign for Working Families has posted a brief, bullet-pointed comparison sheet examining John McCain and Barack Obama on five key issues. In addition, we have posted more detailed surveys of Barack Obama’s radical record on each of these five issues – life, marriage, the courts, economics and national security. Go to to read them.

Please take advantage of them. Share them with your friends and family members. These reports aren’t intended to sway die-hard Obama backers, so don’t bother them with the facts. But if you know of folks who may still be on the fence or who may be “soft” in their support, share this information with them.

This is your country too! Fight for it!"

Gary Bauer
Campaign for Working Families