Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Barack Obama Enrages Strident Bigots on his Left

Pardon me Mr. Obama but your narrow-minded supporters are exploding...

Their Bigotry Is Showing

"The “tolerant” Left is continuing its attack on Pastor Rick Warren for having been invited to pray at Barack Obama’s inauguration. This is ironic in many respects. For one, many conservative evangelicals have been skeptical of Warren in recent years and do not see him as a “culture warrior.” Few would compare him to Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell.

And while his church has been at the vanguard of caring for the victims of AIDS, Warren is being denounced by the militant homosexual rights movement as a Nazi and a bigot. Warren’s compassion for those suffering with AIDS seems meaningless to them. He stood up to their demands to redefine marriage and defended the truth of the scriptures. And for that he is being vilified.

This is an instructive lesson for those Christians who believe pro-family activists just need to change our tone. They are wrong. The only thing that will satisfy the anti-religious bigots on the Left is if men and women of faith surrender our values and embrace their worldview.

The Left is turning its outrage against Obama as well. Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) called Warren’s invitation “a serious mistake” and mocked Obama’s talk of “post-partisan change,” saying, “…to be honest, when he talks about being post-partisan … I suffer from post-partisan depression.” Frank added, “I believe that he overestimates his ability to get people to put aside fundamental differences.”

Mark your calendars, my friends. This may be the only time you see me agreeing with Barney Frank. On this point, he’s right.

No politician is going to “unite” Americans on the fundamental cultural and values issues that divide us. Either unborn children are fully human, with the inalienable right to life, or they are the equivalent of Styrofoam cups to be discarded at whim. Either marriage will remain what it always has been or it will be redefined in a radical way that says children do not need mothers and fathers.

We will either teach our children that faith played an important part in the foundation of our nation or we will teach them that the Founding Fathers were liars or misguided fools when they said our rights come from our Creator. Either we will muster the courage to defend civilization against the evil of Islamofascism or we will deny we are at war, blame ourselves and try to reason with Holocaust deniers.

These are some of the fundamental differences that divide us, and only one side will prevail in the culture war. Barney Frank has no intention of giving up. Neither do I, and I pray you don’t either."

Gary Bauer
Campaign for Working Families