Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gov. "Eyebrow" tries to sit on energy independence

Just in time to play the Grinch for Christmas, Governor Tim Kaine (D-VA) tries to pull a fast one on Virginians..

Cuccinelli Hits Kaine for Stalling on Energy

(Centreville, VA) - Senator Ken Cuccinelli, the leading candidate for Attorney General in 2009, today reacted to Governor Kaine's attempt to further delay offshore drilling in Virginia, saying, "I was shocked to open my newspaper this morning to find that Governor Kaine is seeking further delay in Virginia's attempts to start offshore drilling." "This is one more example of Democrats who say they want to lead Virginia to new sources of energy, but who put every obstacle in the way of that goal - saying one thing and doing another."

Governor Kaine has asked the Interior Department to delay the close of a public comment period related to leasing waters off Virginia's coast for oil and gas drilling. Senator Cuccinelli noted "this public comment period has already been extended once before. This is a stall tactic by the Governor and his allies that talk about new energy sources while doing everything in their power to block new sources of energy." "The people of Virginia recognize that we have a problem, and that, with offshore drilling, we are also in a position to solve part of the problem ourselves. They expect us to act, not delay."

Senator Cuccinelli further noted "I have put in bills in previous sessions to capture royalties from offshore drilling to fund transportation - let's not forget that little tidbit to this debate, we can attack two problem at once: energy and transportation."