Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Governor Eyebrow to wear two hats

Cuccinelli Hits Kaine on DNC Chairmanship

(Centreville, VA) - Statement of State Senator and Attorney General candidate Ken Cuccinelli on the selection of Tim Kaine as Chairman of the DNC:
"I am hopeful that Tim Kaine will be as successful with the Democrat Party's finances as he has been with Virginia's. Three years into Governor Kaine's tenure, Virginia now has a deficit of $3 Billion and climbing. I and other Senate Republicans warned in March 2008 that Kaine's budget estimates were absolutely ridiculous. He made economic assumptions in the face of a recession that were absurd, such as his assumptionthat private incomes would grow around 7% -- In a recession!"

"That Governor Kaine will be spending even less time governing is bad news for Virginians in these difficult budgetary times, but good news for Republicans across the country."