Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Don't let Obama charge you more for your next car!

Don't let enviro-wackos determine what kind of car you can drive. Sign the Institute for Energy Research's petition.

Submit your comments to EPA. If you have already submitted your comments, please scroll to the bottom of this message and pass it along to a few friends.

The Obama Administration is considering giving the State of California the power to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from automobiles. This will increase car and truck prices across the nation. According to the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, these regulations could hike prices by $3,000 per vehicle.

The already-struggling automakers may need to cut back on or eliminate certain models to comply with California’s dictates. Not only will this harm the American auto industry, it will limit your car and truck options.

This quote from a Wall Street Journal article sums up the current assault on the auto industry by unelected federal bureaucrats:
"GM was also told in no uncertain terms that it must learn to make money on smaller cars–not just trucks and sport-utility vehicles."
This regulation would only make matters worse. That is why the Obama Administration needs to hear from you.

Tell the Obama Administration not to force you to pay more for your next car. Tell them not to restrict your freedom to choose the kind of automobile that best suits you and your family's needs. Tell them you know that this regulation will do little, if anything, to help the environment. Tell the Administration that you oppose California’s plan to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles.

The period for comments closes Monday, April 6, so send in your comments today and don’t forget to forward this email to a friend. Every comment counts!