Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Obama Desires Crushing Debt for all Americans

Tony Perkins, Family Council Research Action takes note of yet another campaign promise Obama is breaking.

Read My Teleprompter...No New Taxes

So much for that 95% tax relief for working families! According to ABC News, "President Obama's budget chief hinted ...that the president's signature campaign issue--a middle-class tax cut--will not likely survive a budget battle with Democrats on Capitol Hill."

Quite the contrary, the latest figures show that President Obama's budget would include the largest tax increase in history--$1.5 trillion over the next ten years. Despite the tax hike, Obama's $3.6 trillion budget will still create more debt than was created under every President from George Washington to George Bush combined!

Of particular concern is the way Democrats are scheming to use the reconciliation process as a means of blocking debate. By using congressional rules in an unprecedented way, the Democratic leadership could effectively hide a number of drastic liberal policies, including the cap and trade program, universal health care, and tax hikes in the budget without letting taxpayers and even members of Congress in on the details.

FRC will do its best to let you know what the congressional majority wishes you didn't! Stay tuned for the latest on the budget battle.

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