Monday, April 20, 2009

This Friend of our Enemies is no Friend of America

Hussein, the terrorist's friend, throws America under the bus in his determined quest to destroy our country. Gary Bauer, Campaign for Working Families, has the story...

“Inexcusable Lapse”

Last week, President Obama made public previously secret details of the government’s interrogation methods used on suspected Islamic terrorists. Yesterday on Fox News Sunday, former CIA Director General Michael Hayden told host Chris Wallace that he, current CIA Director Leon Panetta and three other past CIA directors all objected. Hayden added that he called three top White House officials to warn against the declassification of this sensitive information.

Friday, Investors Business Daily published a scathing editorial entitled, “Inexcusable Lapse,” regarding the president’s decision to publicize the interrogation memos. Here are some excerpts: “We are told by President Obama’s senior adviser David Axelrod that the president agonized for four weeks over the ‘weighty decision’ to make public memoranda detailing the specifics of the CIA’s tough interrogation of high-value terrorist detainees such as 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammad. For most other presidents, it would have taken maybe four minutes, required little soul-searching and resulted in the opposite choice.

“…What could have possessed him to make public the steps our interrogators go through, the limits of pain and discomfort they (but not the prisoners) know they will not exceed, and the analytical classification and specific purpose of each of the various techniques? …

“What the president has given to our enemies is a treasure chest of defensive weapons. Within the caves of the mountainous Pakistan/Afghanistan border, Islamofascist plotters must wonder how self-destructively corrupt their American adversaries have to be to allow such materials to land in their hands. The piece of information that may be of most value to terrorists is the government’s assessment that waterboarding was ‘the most traumatic of the enhanced interrogation techniques’ and implicitly the most effective. ...Presumably the issue is academic since the Obama administration has officially prohibited waterboarding.

“There is no more valuable tool for subjects of interrogation than to know what they will be subjected to. How in good conscience could our president have given this gift to those trying to destroy us?”