Monday, August 31, 2009

Quote of the Day

More Media Bias

"The first major post-Obama elections are about to take place in Virginia and New Jersey. Republicans have got good candidates, and both GOP gubernatorial candidates currently enjoy wide leads. In fact, in Virginia the Republican candidate, Bob McDonnell, is leading his Democrat opponent, Creigh Deeds, by double digits.

The Virginia race is particularly newsworthy because the state has been trending “Blue” in recent years with two Democrat senators, two consecutive Democrat governors and Obama was the first Democrat presidential candidate to carry the state in more than 40 years.

But with the Republican candidate leading by double digits, Deeds is getting desperate. He has become a single issue candidate – railing against Bob McDonnell for being a pro-life conservative. So far, the negative attacks haven’t helped and Democrats are getting worried. If Deeds loses, it will be impossible for the national media, camped on the other side of the Potomac River, to ignore the story of Democrat defeat and Republican resurgence in the Obama era.

Recognizing the importance of the race, Deeds’ biggest ally, the liberal Washington Post, joined the attack and went for McDonnell’s jugular. This weekend, three crack investigative reporters on the Post staff published an expose on Bob McDonnell’s 1989 master’s thesis. And they discovered that – gasp! – he’s a conservative!

If this wasn’t so serious, it would be laughable. The same media that can’t be bothered to find Barack Obama’s college thesis devoted nearly 1,900 words to the 20-year old writings of a Republican gubernatorial candidate. The same media that didn’t care that Barack Obama sat in a racist church for 20 years is obsessed with what Bob McDonnell wrote 20 years ago.

Never mind that McDonnell has served 14 years in the state legislature and was elected Attorney General in 2005. All the Post wants you to know about Bob McDonnell is that he was pro-life and against same-sex “marriage” 20 years ago. And guess what? He still is! Oh the humanity!

My friends, the media are desperate. Barack Obama approval ratings are falling fast – 46% in the latest Rasmussen poll. His domestic agenda is unraveling. ObamaCare is so unpopular, liberals want to repackage it as KennedyCare. The media would not investigate Obama’s past, but they will dig for every piece of dirt they can find against any conservative who stands a chance of winning in the age of Obama.

The good news – as you will read next – is that many conservatives do stand a good chance of winning. The bad news is that the media smear campaign against Bob McDonnell is just the beginning. It is a small taste of what we can expect next year when the stakes are even higher. Overcoming the attacks from the Democrats and their leftwing, Soros-funded allies, in addition to the media’s biased reporting, is going to require tremendous effort and extra sacrifices from every conservative who cherishes faith, family and freedom. I’m counting on you to stand with me!"

Gary Bauer
Campaign for Working Families

Deeds focuses on the 'Politics of Division'

Deeds Pushing Divisive Social Issues Once Again

- Jumps on Decades-Old College Paper, Avoids Discussion of Real Issues -

- Attempts to Reframe Race in Effort to Divide, Not Address Jobs, Economy, Roads -

RICHMOND - Trailing badly in every public opinion poll, Democratic candidate for governor Creigh Deeds has once again broken his promise to avoid injecting divisive social issues into the campaign by exploiting an academic paper written decades ago. Deeds has made the centerpiece of his campaign a master's thesis written by Republican Bob McDonnell before the fall of the Berlin Wall and before many of the people who will vote in this election were even born.

"Please take a few minutes to read the article and then forward it to every person you know: friends, family, neighbors, you name it," wrote Deeds senior advisor Mo Elleithee in a blast e-mail Sunday, following the publication of the thesis by the Washington Post.

Broken Promise

Deeds is attempting to re-frame the race in an effort to divide Virginians along emotional social issues, despite an express promise not to do so.

"I've never made social policy a huge part of my campaigns or a huge focus of my agenda," Deeds said in the first gubernatorial debate at the Homestead in July. "We have to be focused not on the politics of division, not of the things that divide us as people, but the things that will allow us to move forward as a Commonwealth. We can't be continually dividing our citizens on social politics."

Watch the video of Deeds making his promise here.

Indeed, once Deeds made his desperate bid to change the subject away from issues important to everyday Virginians, the media noted that his gambit to cast the campaign in light of a social agenda was - at best - precarious.

"Deeds to Wage Risky Attack On Opponent's Abortion Views," read the headline in the Washington Post on August 9, 2009. "Deeds's strategy is a departure from the approach that worked for the state's past two Democratic governors, who generally played down touchy social issues and focused instead on the issues they said voters cared about more: traffic, schools and other quality-of-life issues," reported the Post.

Who's Got the Façade?

"We've said all along that Bob's election year rhetoric about prioritizing jobs and the economy is nothing more than a façade," wrote Mo Elleithee in the Deeds campaign e-mail.

On odd claim, given that Deeds has yet to offer a coherent plan to do much at all, except raise taxes. He also vows not to have a transportation plan, but only has a way to pay for whatever it may be.

Façade of A Transportation Plan

Washington Post

"In response, R. Creigh Deeds, the Democratic candidate for governor, has pledged to come up with a solution in his first year in office but has offered no funding plan. He vows not to, saying that any proposal would be divisive and limit his ability to bring lawmakers together to agree on a solution once he's elected."

Richmond Times-Dispatch

"[Deeds'] vaunted transportation policy consists of . . . promising to build consensus, and an admission that he would sign a tax hike if one landed on his desk."

Waynesboro News-Virginian

"Republican Robert F. McDonnell has compiled a transportation plan while Democrat Creigh Deeds curiously has declared he won't advance one until after - read, if - he gets elected."

"Deeds, on the essential subject of transportation and so far in this race, is standing at the starting blocks deaf to a starting gun that long since has sounded."

Roanoke Times

"[A]s McDonnell points out, his opponent's plan is so skimpy that he doesn't even list transportation as a separate menu item on his Web site.

"We, too, have been disappointed in Democratic nominee Creigh Deeds' dodge in presenting solutions to Virginia's most pervasive problem."

Washington Post (Again)

"Mr. Deeds, insofar as his published platform is concerned, has barely bothered to float a transportation program. Now, by stating that he'd sign a bill containing higher taxes for roads, he has at least tipped his hand."

Covenant Marriage

In his thesis, McDonnell championed covenant marriage, which would be an option for couples who want to enter matrimony with a firm lifetime commitment to the union.

Included among others who support the idea are Governor Tim Kaine and Del. Albert Pollard (D - 99th District). While lieutenant governor, Kaine proposed covenant marriage as part of his legislative package aimed at strengthening families.

"Marriage is sort of the bedrock of society," [Kaine] said, according to the Fredericksburg Free-Lance Star. "Anything you can do to make marriages stronger is a good thing."

"There's a concept out there that issues of family preservation are the province of one party," Pollard said. "That is wrong. The idea that marriage is a sacred bond is not unique to one party."

McDonnell: Do the Job, Work Hard: You're Hired

McDonnell said he does not consider sexual orientation when hiring employees for his office. "I'm not going to discriminate on any basis other than whether people are hard-working and honest," he said. (Daily Press, February 28, 2006)

Creigh Deeds: Losing, Desperate and Divisive

Bob McDonnell: A Principled Conservative

Tony Perkins, Family Research Action President, examines the hypocricy of the Post editors.

Posting Virginia's Governor's Race

The Washington Post yesterday ran a front-page "editorial" on a friend of mine, Virginia's GOP gubernatorial nominee, Bob McDonnell. I've know Bob for over a dozen years. We first met after I passed the first Covenant Marriage law in Louisiana, and Bob asked for my assistance in his effort to pass it in Virginia.

The Post article didn't focus on his pro-family policy efforts during his legislative days, but rather highlighted the pro-family positions the former Attorney General took in his 1989 M.A. thesis for Regent University in Virginia Beach. The Post seems to think McDonnell's defense of true marriage -- the marriage of one man and one woman -- is somehow out of the mainstream.

Voters in thirty states -- conservatives, liberals, and moderates, -- disagree. Marriage is not a "wedge" issue, as some journalists think it to be. It's a bridge issue. It unites races, religions, and ethnic groups, and crosses regional boundaries. If Bob McDonnell will defend true marriage, he will gain, not lose, broad support. The Post also sought to highlight McDonnell's advocacy of public school vouchers.

Here, the Post's own advocacy of vouchers for D.C. low income parents and striving students raises questions. If McDonnell's 1989 support for vouchers puts him outside the mainstream, what does that say of the Post's own editors? Bob McDonnell is a principled, pro-life, pro-family conservative who is not ashamed to promote time-tested values that work -- for everyone!
Additional Resources

The ComPost Pulls out their Double Standard

Erick Erickson, Editor of discusses the Post-Deeds non-story.

Washington Post Examines His Thesis. Finds an Honest Man Who Keeps His Word.

Finally, twenty years after it was written and several major campaigns he's run, the Washington Post is finally picking apart his college thesis.

No, I'm not talking about Barack Obama. The Washington Post never bothered to track down and examine the college thesis of Barack Obama. But, it has found the twenty year old thesis of Bob McDonnell, the Republican candidate for Governor of Virginia.

With Creigh Deeds imploding, the media decided it had to do something to help the Democrat. So they are highlighting McDonnell's twenty year old thesis. In it, they find a candidate who is, brace yourselves, conservative. He went, after all, to Regent University, and his thesis is publicly available.

In other words, they could have written about it when he was running for the Virginia House of Delegates or Virginia Attorney General, but they wanted to wait until now when the Democrat needs some help. And what do they find that the man believed twenty years ago?

Please click here for the rest of the post.

Another Commie in the White House

RenewAmerica reports on Obama's latest communist appointee.

WORLDNETDAILY — Just days before his White House appointment, Van Jones, President Obama's environmental adviser, used a forum at a major youth convention to push for what can easily be interpreted as a communist or socialist agenda... (more)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Quote of the Day

"Half the people in America don't pay any taxes. All the compassionate empathy and good intentions count for nothing when you are being generous with other people's money. Any government that does is the result of the rich who actually pay, not the liberals who vote for it. It is like telling Dad you will mow the lawn and then threatening your brother unless he does the job. Later, as if to add insult to injury, you boast to Dad that you got the job done and your brother didn't want to help."

David Marotta


Dhimmitude from our Military

From Jihad Watch Daily Digest.

Posted by Robert Spencer

Because, you see, after billions to Pakistan, billions to Egypt, billions here and there and everywhere, we haven't been doing enough to show Muslim countries that we are their friends. "Military chief seeks new plan to woo Muslims," by Thom Shanker for the New York Times...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Obamacare is a gift to Illegal Aliens

NumbersUSA verifies that taxpayers will pay for health care for Illegal Aliens.

James Edwards
By James Edwards

Just about the time the Center for Immigration Studies was holding a press briefing at the National Press Club about the immigration and health reform connection, proponents from President Obama on down were denying that illegal aliens would receive taxpayer-funded health care under pending legislation.

A Call to Americans to Stand Up

Guest Columnist J. Dori Callahan

For the last several years, the President and Congress have been ignoring the Constitution, and it is time we the people corrected that problem.

American citizens have a Constitutional right to speak out at the town hall meeting; we have a right to be angry. This congress is trying to push a Health Care that the majority of Americans do not want, nor understand.

This administration wants to direct citizens on what to eat, how much to weigh, how many children to have, determine the amount of money one can make, select the type of car one drives, determine where you set your thermostat, along with deciding when and if one needs medical care. This is unconstitutional and Congress does not have this authority.

This administration has a FCC diversity board member that wants the government to run and control the radio programs. This is a backdoor approach to the Fairness Doctrine, another approach to secretly control what the radio programs may broadcast. Nothing is to go over the airwaves, which has not been approved by the government. This man quoted Chavez’s revolution as a role model for the way to handle communication.

By inaction, citizens have been quietly allowing our government to ignore the will of the people for far too long. Mistakenly, people believed that Congressmen actually had concern for the people and what was best for Americans. Now that citizens are aware, it’s up to the voters to speak out in voices loud enough to be heard over the action groups of the current administration.

Congressmen are not our friends, we the people are their employers and the review of past performance is deplorable. Citizens should remind their congressmen to update their resumes in preparation for a position for which they are more qualified.

Citizens have a right to know what is in the bills Congress pass as well as what effect it has on the country, the economy, and cost to taxpayers. Citizens have a right to question what the President is demanding of us, why and for what purpose.

We have a right to know why the President has so many socialist/Communist anti-capitalists acting as his immediate advisors (CZARS). We have a right to know which Czar has been previously imprisoned and for what reason, and how these people managed to be a presidential advisors with such radical backgrounds.

We should know why President Obama chooses these men who are associated with radical socialist activities as advisors for Americas future. Some of these people actually wrote the Stimulus, adding billions of dollars for special radical causes without input from our congressmen.

In essence our country is being directed by unknown sources. In plain words these radical communists wrote a bill that was rushed through congress that no one read.

Neither Congress nor the President has the Constitutional rights for this action.

Americans stand up and demand our States Rights. This is not the type of government American wants or needs. We are quickly losing our liberty and freedom of speech.

Citizens, speak up. Don’t let this congress destroy our country and take away our freedom.

No! to Obamacare

Guest Columnist Martha Dudley

Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) is the rate at which babies less than one year die. IMR in United States has declined steadily over past few decades from 26.0 per thousand live births in 1960 to 6.1 per thousand live births in 2000. The United States ranked 28th in the world in IMR in 1998 (NCHS, 2000), according to Vikas Singh, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

Some countries receive good IMRs by simply not reporting deaths. Governments control the data sent to the United Nations.

The Canadian IMR went up when they started including data on premature or underweight babies. Other countries do not include these babies in their data, in order to improve their score.

In America, babies born preterm account for two-thirds of all infant deaths. Half of these deaths come from 2% of babies born before 32 weeks, according to Time Magazine Health Reporter Laura Blue.

Cuba is focused on low IMR at the expense of other health care. For instance, mothers of infants in Cuba die at a rate 4 to 5 times higher than mothers in America, according to Antonio M. Gordon, Jr. M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Gordon notes that care that can be used for propaganda purposes receive priority, unlike public hygiene and "other health services that are rationed, denied, simply ignored..."

The United States has a life expectancy lower than most of the industrialized world because the U.S. is ethnically a far more diverse nation than most other industrialized nations, according to David Hogberg, Ph.D. He explains that you cannot use IMR or life expectancy to measure a health care system.

"Life expectancy is influenced by a host of factors other than a health care system, while infant mortality is measured inconsistently across nations," writes Dr. Hogberg.

Columnist David Limbaugh quoted health care expert Sally C. Pipes, on the quality issue: "In measuring the quality of a health care system, what really matters is how well it serves those who are sick. And it's here that American really excels."

We have the best health care in the world but, if Americans remain silent, it will be replaced with rationed health care, an abortion mandate, euthanasia, more government intrusion in your life, and higher taxes. Tell Senators Warner and Webb to vote NO! on Obamacare.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Quote of the Day

"The winds are blowing cold for free enterprise."

President of Marotta Wealth Manangement, Inc.

Obamacare - You Decide

The Center for Individual Freedom has a video that everyone should watch.

Video: Health Care Reform, You Decide

In this week's Freedom Minute, CFIF's Renee Giachino reads several provisions in H.R. 3200, the House health care reform bill, and asks you to decide whether it's the right prescription for America.

Play Movie

More Proof that Sarah Palin was Right about Obamacare

The Traditional Values Coalition has an interesting take on the Death Panels...

Entire Health Care Bill, H.R. 3200 Is THE ‘Death Panel’

Entire Health Care Bill, H.R. 3200 Is THE ‘Death Panel’

August 28, 2009 – Members of the so-called “mainstream media” are going berserk over former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin attacking what she termed “death panels” in President Obama’s health care reform legislation.

Interestingly enough, the Senate Finance Committee decided to remove “end of life” language from its version of the health care package because of all of the controversy surrounding death panels. The “end of life” provision is still in the House version, H.R. 3200.

In fact, the entire bill is a death panel. Various sections sprinkled throughout the bill set up federal boards that will determine who gets care, what kind of treatment they’ll receive, what kind of medicines and equipment can be used, and who will end up having their care rationed.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

McDonnell is Favored to Revive Virginia's Economy

On Jobs & the Economy, McDonnell Bests Deeds

- NFIB, Other Business Groups Choose McDonnell Over Deeds on the Issues -

RICHMOND - Bob McDonnell is the clear choice over Creigh Deeds by a growing number of organizations that represent small businesses and other sectors of the economy, based on a comparison of the two candidates' positions and records on issues affecting job creation. The National Federation of Independent Business is the latest to endorse McDonnell, joining the Virginia Association of Realtors, the Virginia Farm Bureau and the Virginia Credit Union League.

The following is a comparison of McDonnell and Deeds on the issues important to employers who create jobs:

McDonnell & Deeds on the Issues


McDonnell sponsored legislation to eliminate the Death Tax on family-owned businesses and farms (HB2490, 2003). Deeds voted against the elimination of the Death Tax.

McDonnell has voted for 50 tax cuts, which combined would have reduced taxes by $2 billion. Deeds voted for the two largest tax increases in Virginia history and has pledged to raise gas taxes if elected governor.

Big Labor & Card Check

Deeds has been endorsed by the AFO-CIO, the Teamsters and SEIU. He appeared as the guest of honor at a July reception hosted by the AFL-CIO in Washington. "During his 18 years in the Virginia House of Delegates and in the state Senate, gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds has ‘been with us every step of the way,'" said Jim Leaman, president of the Virginia AFL-CIO. The union helpfully highlighted Deeds' record ofsupporting big labor's agenda 93.7 percent of the time.

Deeds has collected at least $1.1 million from Big labor, including the AFL-CIO, SEIU and the Democratic Governors Association, which is largely financed by labor money. Because of this financial dependency, Deeds is required to support card check, which removes the secret ballot process from workers voting whether to form a union or not. During last month's debate hosted by the Virginia Bar Association, Deeds telegraphed his approval of Card Check legislation, which will hamstring employers, increase the cost of doing business, strangle job creation and expose workers to the strong arm of big labor union bosses. McDonnell opposes card check.

In January, just a few weeks before Tim Kaine proudly announced the movement of Hilton executives to Fairfax County, Deeds and his ticket mate Jody Wagner took part in a big labor picket line at the Hilton Hotel in Crystal City in Arlington County. Deeds handed out coffee and popcorn to the people picketing a well-established employer.

"Check out, not in," chanted the picketers.


Deeds actually voted to weaken Virginia's right-to-work law and for meet-and-confer (HB2265, 1999 and HB584, 1998). McDonnell will oppose any efforts to weaken Right-to-Work.


Deceptively titled the American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES Act, H.R. 2454), the legislation proposes a "Cap and Trade" scheme in which entities that exceed a government-imposed emission limit would be forced to buy "credits" from entities which emit amounts under the limits. Many analysts and employers have concluded that the idea would increase costs to consumers and severely limit the ability of private companies to create jobs. Indeed, MeadWestvaco, a major employer located in Deeds' senate district, says it would jeopardize 1,500 jobs in Covington. McDonnell opposes the scheme. Deeds supports it.


McDonnell has offered a comprehensive transportation plan that will not raise taxes. Deeds has offered no plan and says he will raise gas taxes to fund whatever plan he eventually invents.

Business-Friendly Ratings

Bob McDonnell has a lifetime pro-business rating from Virginia FREE that was consistently in the top ten in the House of Delegates. He has a 91-percent lifetime rating from the National Federation of Independent Business.

Deeds' Virginia FREE rating has been in the bottom half of the senate every year. He also has a 93-percent voting record on AFL-CIO big labor issues.

Reining in Frivolous Lawsuits

As Delegate, McDonnell was a strong leader for tort reform and sponsored several laws to rein in frivolous lawsuits and improve Virginia's business liability climate (HB1127, 2004 and HB1126, 2004). Deeds co-sponsored a bill to triple the medical malpractice cap (HB2628, 1999) and voted against bills to prevent frivolous lawsuits from going to trial and reduce forum-shopping. (HB1218, 2000 and HB 1127, 2004).

Management and Leadership

McDonnell has experience as a corporate manager with a Fortune 500 health care company, a U.S. Army medical services corps officer, a master's in business administration, and as Attorney General successfully managed a large state agency with hundreds of employees and a $30 million budget. As Attorney General, he reduced the size of the agency's budget by 14% in his final year and created a Regulatory Reform Task force that recommended over 350 changes to reduce burdensome regulations.

"It is very telling that all of these groups that represent the people who make our economy work are lining up behind Bob McDonnell," said Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Pat Mullins. "When you look at McDonnell and Deeds records side-by-side, it truly is obvious that Bob is the best candidate to revive our sagging economy."


Sept. 12th: Take the Culpeper Bus to Washington

The Culpeper Area TEA Party has room on the bus...


Big government budgets personally impact you & your family. This is an opportunity to tell Congress to stop wasteful spending, overburdening taxpayers with more debt, and to defend our liberty and our Constitution by reducing the size and scope of the federal government.

Saturday 09/12/2009, National TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party Events in Washington, DC. Go to
March: begins at Freedom Plaza, 11:30 AM and goes down Pennsylvania Ave to US Capitol until 1PM
Patriotic Rally: 1 PM at West Front Lawn of the US Capitol

Bus transportation is being arranged through the Culpeper TEA Party Committee.
Cost: $30 round trip per person (non-refundable)
Pick-up Location: Kohl's parking lot near Wachovia Bank 795 Nalles Mill Rd & Rt 15 James Madison Hwy in CULPEPER, VA 22701 (Wal-Mart side of James Madison Hwy)

Bus departure 8 AM sharp, Saturday, Sept. 12 from the above location. A restroom will be provided on the bus.
Bus payment: no later than September 5
Make checks payable to:
Charles Duncan
2267 Welton Pond Court
Jeffersonton, VA 22724
RSVP for bus reservation: 540-937-4073
Everyone (including families) are encouraged to attend this National Rally. Come aboard our bus. Bring family, friends, flags, posters, banners, water, snacks. Dress comfortably and patriotic if you like!
Volunteers will be located at rally points and along the route to offer assistance and point out restaurants and coffee spots and Metro stops to shorten the route or to arrive directly at the Capitol.
Don't miss this opportunity to ride together in fellowship ,to stand strong in unity in Washington DC! Info about Culpeper Community TEA Party and bus tickets will be available Saturday Sept 5th at Taste of the Mountains in Madison at Booth #56 (near the Court House) for more info contact Rita Grace.
Info taken directly from with Guidelines for Volunteers and Attendees (please register if able, not required):

All volunteers and attendees should carefully read the DC Capitol Police guidelines for events at the West Lawn, and act accordingly. It is important that all volunteers and attendees read the guidelines and tell those that come with them to the Capitol.

To make this a successful event, we must work with the DC Capitol Police. If you are leading a group to DC, please print out copies of the guidelines and hand them out at organizational meetings or email them to everyone that is coming to DC.

Another thing all volunteers and attendees should remember: this is a peaceful demonstration against big government. We are protesting to defend our liberties and speak out against the size and scope of government, and it is important that our movement remain peaceful if we are to continue to build public support. We are opposed to political violence for both philosophical and strategic reasons. If you want to understand how and why peaceful protests have been successful in the past, please read A Force More Powerful by Peter Ackermann and Jack Duvall.

Here are some Do’s and Don’t’s for attendees of the March on Washington:

While participating in the March on Washington, you will be under the jurisdiction of the United States Capitol Police. Here is a list of things to remember on Capitol Grounds:

  • Signs with supports cannot be more than ¾ of an inch in diameter at their largest point
  • Sign supports must be wood and must have dull ends
  • Supports cannot have protruding nails, screws, or bolts
  • Signs cannot offer items for sale, solicit contributions, or engage in commercial advertisement of any kind
  • Signs are not permitted within Capitol buildings
  • Tents, camping equipment, bedrolls, or shelters of any kind are prohibited
  • Do not climb, remove, or damage any statue, seat, wall, fountain, or elevator tower, or any tree, shrub or other landscaping feature
  • Do not offer anything for sale or solicit contributions on Capitol Grounds
  • Firearms, explosives, clubs, missile, or any other weapons of any kind are prohibited
  • Open flames are prohibited

Failure to abide by these rules governing the use of Capitol Grounds could result in fines, arrest, or both.

Remember, above all, be peaceful and respectful. Do not give the left any reason to discredit or dismiss us!

What to Bring:
small umbrellas, hats, caps
bottled water, bag lunch
lawn chairs that you can carry in
*please don’t litter.. we will have trash cans for your use
*everything will be inspected by police

What not to Bring:
tents, canopies
nothing to stake in the ground
nothing to sell

One other point that is important: the demonstration will take place on the grassy areas in front of the Capitol. We are not permitted to protest on the streets once we complete the March from Freedom Plaza. Please fill in the West Lawn and the surrounding grassy areas, but do not remain on 1st Street. There will be lots of open space along the West Front where we can congregate and listen to the speakers. Thanks!