Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another Democrat Thinks You're Stupid

Deeds trys to pull an Obama - plans to raise taxes but won't tell voters

RPV Video: Deeds - "Wink, Wink" I'm Gonna Raise Taxes

Democrat Tells Supporter in Hillsville "You Know as Well As I Do"

RICHMOND - Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Pat Mullins today released a new Internet video available here that features Democratic candidate for governor Creigh Deeds telling a supporter that he knows that he will raise taxes, but can't bring himself to say so out loud. Deeds was at a Hillsville restaurant Tuesday and faced a question from his audience about funding solutions for road projects.

"There has to be a nexus between sources of transportation ... the sources of funding and transportation itself," Deeds said, in a desperate attempt to convey his message of higher taxes without speaking the truth out loud. "And, and ... and Suzie, I could talk about them all day long, it doesn't ... you know as well as I do what they are."

The record shows that Deeds knows full well where to find money for his projects. In 2008 alone he voted three times for bills that would raise gasoline taxes, among other hefty levies (Senate Bills 713, 6009, 6010).

"This is the Creigh Deeds that we all know," said Chairman Mullins. "The guy goes looking for money in people's pockets at every chance he gets. So, when he tells you that he needs funding, and that ‘you know as well as I do' where he's going to get it, I think it doesn't take too much to connect the dots there. He'll raise gas taxes, you'd better believe it."

Indeed, the Washington Post endorsed Deeds' candidacy in the Democratic Primary in large part due to his prior support for increasing gasoline taxes, noting that "Mr. Deeds courageously voted for a proposal that included raising the state's gas tax, unchanged since 1986."

Additionally, the Post reported on the front page on July 29, 2009 that, "Although Deeds has not said how he would pay for roads, he has laid out a few conditions for a workable solution, the most notable being that the plan must include a long-term source of funding. Absent a radical solution, such as a major new tolling system or wholesale privatization of state highways, the only likely source of ‘long-term revenue' is new taxes."

"You show me a tax increase that Creigh Deeds doesn't support, and I'll show you a tax increase he hasn't heard of yet," said Mullins. "Step One: get an idea to do something. Step Two: reach into people's checkbooks. That won't fly in Virginia in this economy."

Again, watch the video here.