Monday, August 31, 2009

Bob McDonnell: A Principled Conservative

Tony Perkins, Family Research Action President, examines the hypocricy of the Post editors.

Posting Virginia's Governor's Race

The Washington Post yesterday ran a front-page "editorial" on a friend of mine, Virginia's GOP gubernatorial nominee, Bob McDonnell. I've know Bob for over a dozen years. We first met after I passed the first Covenant Marriage law in Louisiana, and Bob asked for my assistance in his effort to pass it in Virginia.

The Post article didn't focus on his pro-family policy efforts during his legislative days, but rather highlighted the pro-family positions the former Attorney General took in his 1989 M.A. thesis for Regent University in Virginia Beach. The Post seems to think McDonnell's defense of true marriage -- the marriage of one man and one woman -- is somehow out of the mainstream.

Voters in thirty states -- conservatives, liberals, and moderates, -- disagree. Marriage is not a "wedge" issue, as some journalists think it to be. It's a bridge issue. It unites races, religions, and ethnic groups, and crosses regional boundaries. If Bob McDonnell will defend true marriage, he will gain, not lose, broad support. The Post also sought to highlight McDonnell's advocacy of public school vouchers.

Here, the Post's own advocacy of vouchers for D.C. low income parents and striving students raises questions. If McDonnell's 1989 support for vouchers puts him outside the mainstream, what does that say of the Post's own editors? Bob McDonnell is a principled, pro-life, pro-family conservative who is not ashamed to promote time-tested values that work -- for everyone!
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