Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Call to Americans to Stand Up

Guest Columnist J. Dori Callahan

For the last several years, the President and Congress have been ignoring the Constitution, and it is time we the people corrected that problem.

American citizens have a Constitutional right to speak out at the town hall meeting; we have a right to be angry. This congress is trying to push a Health Care that the majority of Americans do not want, nor understand.

This administration wants to direct citizens on what to eat, how much to weigh, how many children to have, determine the amount of money one can make, select the type of car one drives, determine where you set your thermostat, along with deciding when and if one needs medical care. This is unconstitutional and Congress does not have this authority.

This administration has a FCC diversity board member that wants the government to run and control the radio programs. This is a backdoor approach to the Fairness Doctrine, another approach to secretly control what the radio programs may broadcast. Nothing is to go over the airwaves, which has not been approved by the government. This man quoted Chavez’s revolution as a role model for the way to handle communication.

By inaction, citizens have been quietly allowing our government to ignore the will of the people for far too long. Mistakenly, people believed that Congressmen actually had concern for the people and what was best for Americans. Now that citizens are aware, it’s up to the voters to speak out in voices loud enough to be heard over the action groups of the current administration.

Congressmen are not our friends, we the people are their employers and the review of past performance is deplorable. Citizens should remind their congressmen to update their resumes in preparation for a position for which they are more qualified.

Citizens have a right to know what is in the bills Congress pass as well as what effect it has on the country, the economy, and cost to taxpayers. Citizens have a right to question what the President is demanding of us, why and for what purpose.

We have a right to know why the President has so many socialist/Communist anti-capitalists acting as his immediate advisors (CZARS). We have a right to know which Czar has been previously imprisoned and for what reason, and how these people managed to be a presidential advisors with such radical backgrounds.

We should know why President Obama chooses these men who are associated with radical socialist activities as advisors for Americas future. Some of these people actually wrote the Stimulus, adding billions of dollars for special radical causes without input from our congressmen.

In essence our country is being directed by unknown sources. In plain words these radical communists wrote a bill that was rushed through congress that no one read.

Neither Congress nor the President has the Constitutional rights for this action.

Americans stand up and demand our States Rights. This is not the type of government American wants or needs. We are quickly losing our liberty and freedom of speech.

Citizens, speak up. Don’t let this congress destroy our country and take away our freedom.