Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday to The Family Foundation Blog!

Victoria Cobb, The Family Foundation President, announces a makeover for the two year anniversary of their blog. You will find familyfoundationblog to be a one-stop online resource for all your news and comment on Virginia politics, issues and policy.

"If you haven’t seen our “new” blog, I invite you to visit and try out its many new features and, as always, to read and comment on recent posts of interest:

See a retired Marine teach his representative about the constitution ( and see that representative insult his constituents on national television (

Speaking of town halls, if your representative won’t have one, host your own ( Our Winning Matters campaign is off to a great start ( Campaigns such as Winning Matters are important because they lead to real substance – for example, the Marriage Amendment came into play in a recent custody case not reported by the Mainstream Media (!

Locally, read and see how some students at the University of Richmond greeted our Board and staff at our retreat yesterday ( Meanwhile, the VEA claims it “teaches the children,” but apparently not its political staff (; and, while we’ve known for sometime Jody Wagner’s had problems with numbers, she’s having trouble with words, too (

In the two big stories of the summer, socialized health care and the governor’s race, and how they intersect, we have Creigh Deeds’ abortion position (, as well as his convoluted Marriage Amendment stance (; and the president defeating his own point by using an example conservatives cite all the time ( to illustrate government ineptitude!

Finally, the animal rights crowd may have a point. This dog would do a better job in Congress than most (! As always, to keep up with the latest headlines and commentary, please visit our (almost) daily Virginia News Stand – the best Virginia news digest on the blogosphere (!"