Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How energy prices affect one family

The American Energy Freedom Center, a non-profit project of the Institute for Energy Research, has a great new video. Take a look.

"This video is a highlight of our soon to be released Energy Table Talk with the High Impact Leadership Coalition and the Cornwall Alliance. American Energy Freedom Center Chairman George Allen hosts the discussion with Bishop Harry Jackson and a few of his congregants. One family discusses the tough choices they have to make today because of the high prices in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Listen to their concerns about a federal cap and trade policy, in their own words…


The Southern Governors’ Association (SGA) will meet in Virginia this Friday to discuss global warming and energy policy. Even though a recent SGA briefing backgrounder recognized that more must be done “to help families cope with higher energy prices” that result from cap and trade, several prominent governors attending the conference seemingly remain oblivious to the plight of working families who will bear the brunt of rising costs of living. Governors are being asked to overlook those concerns and form state climate panels as well as a regional climate partnership, in an effort to reinforce the faltering efforts to pass a national climate change tax.

In June, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a 1,500-page cap-and-trade bill that few (if any) Members of Congress had actually read; the last 300 pages were added in the middle of the night before the final vote. The bill passed by a razor-thin margin.

Credible estimates are that the House bill would cost the average family of four $103 per month in direct energy costs and another $283 per month in indirect costs, or over $4,600 per year. The U.S. Senate will take up cap-and-trade policy when it reconvenes in September, and a final vote is expected this fall."