Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Union Man Crosses the Line for Money

Democrat Hypocrisy - nothing new there.

Irony Alert: Deeds & Obama at Hilton -

Deeds Picketed Hotel Chain This Year

- Deeds Flummoxed: Picket or Dine? -

RICHMOND - Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Pat Mullins today noted the obvious irony inherent in Creigh Deeds' fundraising event with President Barack Obama tomorrow, given that Deeds notoriously picketed the very hotel franchise hosting the event. Obama is scheduled to appear with Deeds Thursday evening at the Hilton McLean Tysons Corner less than seven months after Deeds joined hotel union workers picketing the Hilton in Crystal City in Arlington.

"This is rich," said Chairman Mullins. "Creigh probably doesn't know if he should grab a sign and start marching up and down the sidewalk or go on inside and start grabbing fat checks from donors. What a quandary."

In January, just a few weeks before Virginia Governor Tim Kaine proudly announced the movement of Hilton executives to Fairfax County, Deeds and his ticket mate Jody Wagner took part in a big labor picket line at the Hilton Hotel in Crystal City in Arlington County. Deeds handed out coffee and popcorn to the people picketing the well-established employer.

"Check out, not in," chanted the picketers.

While Deeds was seeking the Democratic nomination, there was no liberal interest group he failed to attempt to please. Big labor was among the greatest beneficiaries of his boundless affection. His two competitors for the nomination did the same, as seen by this picture.