Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Let Our Military Vote!

Cuccinelli to Push for Changes In Military Absentee Voting Laws
Efforts require uniformity - some registrars don't mail ballots to active duty service members in time for them to vote
FAIRFAX, VA -- Ken Cuccinelli today reiterated his support to enact legislation in January that would require all registrars in the Commonwealth to keep to strict timelines for the mailing and processing of active duty military absentee ballots.

"There is an immediate need to address issues related to active duty service members and whether their votes are being counted" said State Senator Ken Cuccinelli. "In last year's Presidential election, several counties in the Commonwealth mailed ballots to active duty service members so late that there was no practical way that the ballots would be returned on time to be counted. This effective denial of the right to vote of those who are defending us around the world must end," said Cuccinelli. "As Virginia's next Attorney General, I will lead the push put legal structures in place to ensure Virginia's military men and women that their votes will count in every election."

As recently as last month, the Kaine Administration, in a legal brief in the McCain-Palin vs. Virginia State Board of Elections (Cunningham) filed in the Eastern District of Virginia (, amazingly argued that because there is no statutory timeframe in place under federal law, they could mail absentee ballots to active duty service members right up to the day before an election. Of course, with the turnaround time in the mail for such ballots, those ballots would never be returned in time to be counted, thereby denying those military members the right to vote.

"Rather than seeking immediate reliefto ensure that active duty military members have their votes counted, the Kaine Administration is making a technical legal argument that, if true, would still leave military members without a practical opportunity to vote" added Cuccinelli. "It's just unbelievable to me that the Governor of Virginia, who is alsJustify Fullo the Chairman of the Democrat National Committee, would place such a low priority on the voting rights of active duty military members. This is a mindset that will change should I be elected Attorney General," concluded Cuccinelli.

Senator Cuccinelli pointed out that ensuring the rights of our military members to vote was point five of his five point plan to better equip Virginia to provide for our Veterans and active duty military members. To review that plan, jointly presented with Paul Galanti, Roger Sullivan, and Joe McCain, click here: