Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Corruption on a Grand Scale

Another insidious socialist scheme is unmasked.

Leftwing Lies

In past reports, I’ve expressed skepticism about the so-called global warming consensus. Not only did the science seem suspect, often contradicting common sense, but it was clearly ideologically driven. Like the promise that more government programs would save money, the radical environmental movement has a terrible track record of making hysterical predictions that never materialize. And its solutions are always the same – bigger government and higher taxes.

In recent days, there have been shocking revelations that the science behind the global warming scare may well be a total scam. E-mails have been leaked from key scientists that appear to expose blatant data manipulation and efforts to suppress dissent. Science and academia are supposed to be all about free inquiry. But these scientists are acting more like petty liberal ideologues determined to pursue their leftwing agenda regardless of the facts.

I won’t go into all of the details about the emails in this report. You can read more here and here. But this is not just a scientific scandal. “Climategate” is a huge political scandal as well, encompassing leading leftwing luminaries like Al Gore, who have been working for years to impose various socialist schemes aimed at undermining our sovereignty, crippling our economy and redistributing our wealth, all under the guise of combating global warming.

I’m pleased to report that conservative stalwart Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma is demanding an investigation, and rightly so, because the stakes are tremendous. The entire premise of cap and trade – massive new energy taxes and vastly expanded government power – rests on this apparent scam. It’s worth reminding everyone that 82% of House Democrats voted for it, while 94% of House Republicans opposed it.

We will continue to monitor this story. But most importantly, with your help, we will do everything we can to defeat liberal Democrats who support cap and trade and other socialist policies. If we can make major gains in next year’s elections, we can stop Obama’s socialism! (Click here to get the bumper sticker.)

Gary Bauer