Friday, March 19, 2010

Liberty Cave Radio, Transmission No. 15

The last voice of the free world, reporting to you from deep within a cave somewhere in the Shenandoah Mountains.

In the News:

Obama reconfirmed today that he considers himself a one term president, “I am confident that before my four year term is over that I will have effectively destroyed America: this is my struggle. Before my four years are up, America will no longer exist as a nation and I will rule the world from the UN.”

Mass hysteria erupted across the Arab world and chants of, “The Twelfth Imam has come, could be heard in the street of every Muslim country in the world.”

One Arab youth interviewed in the streets of Gaza said, “We suspected it all along; this explains why he has no birth certificate.”

Still Reporting,

Correspondent Ben Grace © 2010

This news service is provided entirely as satire.
“Dark times call for dark humor”