Sunday, March 14, 2010

Liberty Cave Radio, Transmission No. 5

The last voice of the free world, reporting to you from deep within a cave somewhere in the Shenandoah Mountains.

In the News:

It is reported that one provision of the 2,700 page health care bill will shut down all HMOs and replace them with BHOs which stands for Barack Hussein Obama.

In reference to this provision, the president was once again quoted as saying, “I won the election.”

In related news, work camps are being built for all citizens refusing to join the new BHO system.

Pelosi in a broad statement to the American people said; “Now your body belongs to me.”

Many people fearing a mandatory government checkup have fled to the mountains and are seeking refuge in caves.

Liberty Cave correspondents have said, “It is getting awfully crowded in here.”

Meanwhile, a new super computer is being built in Culpeper Virginia in an undisclosed bunker off of Route 3 in order to store every citizen’s medical history.

Obama said, ”This is not only about health care, the main issue here is control and the ability to integrate America into the new global society.”

Still Reporting,

Correspondent Ben Grace © 2010

This news service is provided entirely as satire.
“Dark times call for dark humor”