Thursday, April 29, 2010

Quote of the Day

"Democrats on Capitol Hill held a press conference yesterday to again denounce Arizona’s new anti-illegal immigration law as a “violation of civil rights.” Liberal politicians from the president to city mayors are piling on. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsome and Saint Paul, Minnesota, Mayor Chris Coleman have issued travel embargoes against the state for their cities’ employees. Other forms of “economic sanctions” are being discussed.

Coleman called the Arizona law “a dangerous example for the rest of the country,” and lawmakers in other states are considering similar measures. Reuters reports today that amnesty advocates “expect huge weekend rallies across the United States,” in the more than 70 cities for May Day protests.

Many on the Left are charging that the law will create a Nazi-like atmosphere with Arizona cops knocking down doors and demanding to “see your papers.” The argument is completely disingenuous. Current federal law already requires that all legal immigrants carry proof of their immigration status “at all times.” Here’s what the law says:

“Every alien, eighteen years of age and over, shall at all times carry with him and have in his personal possession any certificate of alien registration or alien registration receipt card issued to him pursuant to subsection (d) of this section. Any alien who fails to comply with the provisions of this subsection shall be guilty of a misdemeanor…”

How can Democrats and liberal commentators denounce a state for adopting and enforcing federal law? Regardless, their “enlightened” opinions are clearly disconnected from the common sense thinking of the American people.

New polling finds that 64% of Arizona voters support the law. Moreover, since she signed it, Governor Jan Brewer’s approval ratings have jumped 16 points. Two weeks ago her approval rating was 40%. Now she’s up to 56%. Nationally, 60% of American voters believe local law enforcement officials should be allowed to verify the immigration status of detained individuals."

Gary Bauer
Campaign for Working Families

Video Hit of the Day

from facebook

The Democrats Dirty Little Secret: Fannie and Freddie
The Democrats' Dirty Little Secret

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Video Hit of the Day

Patriotic Resistance spreads the word...


Quote of the Day

"If the history of slavery ought to teach us anything, it is that human beings cannot be trusted with unbridled power over other human beings -- no matter what color or creed any of them are. The history of ancient despotism and modern totalitarianism practically shouts that same message from the blood-stained pages of history."

A Prayer for Understanding

Let Us Pray,

Our Heavenly Father, we give thanks to you for the continued survival of our Republic.

This great land is still a beacon of hope for millions of people around the globe.

Our Judeo-Christian culture and the wisdom of our Founding Fathers have given us the ability not only to survive, but to help other in time of stress and protect them from cruel dictators and despots.

The future of our nation and the welfare of our men and women in the armed forces is of deep concern and troubling. Due to our own neglect and like of responsibility, we have put fools in charge of our defense forces. The blood of our young men and women are being sacrificed in Iraq and Afghanistan for no reason.

We pray to You Almighty God that you will give all of our people wisdom and understanding. We do see rays of light that give us hope and for that we praise and glorify Your name, Heavenly Father.

We pray in the name of Your Son, Our Lord and Savior, Jesus of Nazareth.


John Underwood
MCRW Chaplain

Thursday, April 29th: Culpeper GOP Meeting


John F. Coates, Chairman



I, John Coates, Chairman of the Culpeper County Republican Committee, hereby issue a call for a meeting of the Culpeper County Republican Committee to be held on April 29, 2010 at the Board of Supervisors Meeting Room at 302 N. Main Street, Culpeper, VA. The meeting shall begin promptly at 7 PM, to be followed by an Executive Committee meeting, if necessary.

The purpose of this meeting is to establish a time and place for the Mass Meeting, discuss bylaw revisions and to discuss other business to come before the Committee. This notice having been properly advertised on April 7, 2010.

There will by no fee charged for this meeting, however a voluntary donations will be accepted.

John F. Coates

Committee Chairman

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Health Care Bill's Real Tab

We've Been Swindled
Broken Promises Are No Way to Govern America

Talk about the classic bait-and-switch.

Remember when the White House promised the new health care bill would control "runaway costs" and not add "one dime" to the deficit?

As we predicted, experts -- some within the president's own administration -- are now singing a different tune.

  • The Department of Health and Human Services reports that the law will increase health care spending by more than $300 billion.
  • A new government report from Rick Foster, the chief actuary of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), finds that the new bill will cost $828 billion over the next decade -- while saving only $577 billion.
  • The Associated Press reports that nearly four million Americans will have to pay a new penalty of more than $1,000 per year for not getting health insurance when the bill kicks in.
We were promised lemonade. We got a trillion-dollar lemon, instead.

And now they want to force through a budget that adds more federal spending and increases our deficit to over 80% of our economy?

No, thank you.

In the coming weeks, when they tell you their budget will cut the deficit, remember what they told us about the health care bill.

Broken promises are no way to govern a country. We simply can't afford them anymore.


Bill Miller
Senior Vice President and National Political Director
U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Monday, April 26, 2010

Quote of the Day

“For a large group of people, it’s a pretty good-natured group."

Giving the Green Light to Violence - Islamic Violence, That Is

RenewAmerica has the latest from the great Mark Steyn.

MARK STEYN — I suppose the thinking runs something like this. All things considered, the polls on Obamacare aren't totally disastrous, and the president's approval numbers seem to have bottomed out in the low forties... (more)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Quote of the Day

"Obama reserves his arrogant condemnation to be demonstrated only to our allies, while at the same time he grovels, and bows, to our enemies.

Shrewd policy, Mr. President."

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Quote of the Day

"If limited-government conservatives are dreaming of taking back America for fiscal sanity in the November elections, they should study how the unprecedented decline in marriage and the increase in illegitimacy are the major causes of our bloated government and its gigantic welfare spending.

In 2008, 40.6 percent of children born in the United States were born outside of marriage; that's 1,720,000 children. This is not, as the media try to tell us, a teenage problem."

Video Hit of the Day

From Darla at Patriotic Resistance -

Jon Voight letter to Americans
Jon Voight letter to Americans
Jon Voight reads his letter to Americans on Hucklebee
Video link:

Friday, April 23, 2010

Quote of the Day

ObamaCare = Higher Taxes & Broken Promises

"The Obama White House got slammed yesterday by two government agencies charged with analyzing the costs of ObamaCare. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services reported yesterday that the healthcare “reform” legislation will not, as President Obama repeatedly promised, reduce healthcare costs. To the contrary, it will “increase national health care spending by $311 billion” over the next decade.

Previously, anyone who said that more government intervention would lead to higher costs was accused of making “bogus” and “wild” claims. But according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, it was Barack Obama who was making bogus claims.

In addition, the Congressional Budget Office reported that fines stemming from the individual mandate would raise nearly $4 billion in tax revenue in one two-year period. But the CBO also noted that 76% of those affected by the individual mandate to purchase health insurance will make less than $120,000 a year.

As Senator Charles Grassley explained, “The mandate is a tax increase that hits middle-class America the hardest. And these people make less than $250,000, which breaks the president’s pledge to not raise taxes on individuals earning less than $200,000 and families earning less than $250,000 a year.”

Whether it’s Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton or Barack Obama, the liberal agenda never changes. It always ends in broken promises, bigger government, higher taxes and increased spending."

Gary Bauer

In Obama's Military, "All-Inclusive" Means Anti-Christian

Tony Perkins, Family Research Council, has the sad facts about yet another anti-Christian attack - coming from the Pentagon this time.

Military Won't Take Graham at Faith Value

Almost nine years after 9-11, the Pentagon is the site of a new attack--this time on religious freedom. After a few days of speculation, the military advanced its policy of political correctness to bar Rev. Franklin Graham, son of the evangelist Billy Graham, from speaking at the Pentagon's National Day of Prayer event. Apparently an outside group had complained about Graham's statements about Islam and the evil perpetrated under its banner. Their concerns were fueled by his unapologetic view that only Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.

As political correctness envelops the nation under this administration's watchful eye, Christianity is being tossed from the public square. Military spokesman Col. Tom Collins tried to defend the decision by saying, "We're an all-inclusive military." But to be "inclusive," as the Pentagon defines it, is to exclude Christianity. Contrary to what Col. Collins says, this has nothing to do with tolerance and everything to do with the military's new hostility toward the Gospel. Franklin Graham is a man of courage and integrity whose biblical beliefs should not preclude him from sharing the message of Jesus Christ.

Under President Obama, we're witnessing the First Amendment, designed to protect the religious exercise of Americans, retooled into a sword designed to sever America's ties with orthodox Christianity. As believers, we cannot sit idly by and watch our freedoms be swept away. When I was disinvited from a prayer luncheon at Andrews Air Force base, it was because I made comments supporting the law banning gays from the military. Some dismissed that as a result of my involvement in public policy. Rev. Graham, whose ministry has served to the physical and spiritual needs of millions of people (including Muslims!) around the globe, was making some key distinctions between Christianity and the religion that flew radicals into the Pentagon.

So to those Christian leaders who say they want to avoid the controversy of political issues and "just preach the Gospel," wake up! It's the Gospel that's at the heart of the controversy--and the freedom to preach it that's at stake!

Saturday: Ronald Reagan Dinner in Rapphannock County ,VA

Rappahannock County Republican Committee
2010 Annual Ronald Reagan Dinner
April 24th, 6:30
Washington Fire Hall
Washington, Virginia

The event pays tribute each year to a man who provided our country with leadership that brought hope to its citizens, peace through strength, economic prosperity, and a renewed sense of world leadership.

Once again, RCRC has a highly respected, international figure at the dinner. Major General John K. Singlaub, the recipient of an astounding 33 military citations and decorations, is the guest speaker. Author Tom Clancy declared tht General Singlaub's book, Hazardous DUty, "is the odyssey of an American patriot."

The evening acknowledges President Reagan's service to our nation, and "rediscovers his vision for the future.

"This year, perhaps more than ever, we need to recall President Reagan's agenda for shrinking government and expanding freedom in our country, so that America can once again become the "Shining City on a Hill" it was intended to be," states Terry Dixon, Chairman of the Rappahannock County Republican Committee.

The dinner is potluck and is FREE.
Please bring a main dish and a side dish or dessert to share.

There are still seats available.

If you have not already sent in a reservation form and would like to attend, please e-mail Terry Dixon at

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quote of the Day

"Every time government spends money to provide security to a few, it destabilizes the rest of society. Shore up one sector and you risk impoverishing other sectors. Soon catastrophes in those sectors that are left free of government support are perceived as further evidence of the failure of the free market. Each crisis becomes an opportunity to expand the scope and power of government."

David Marotta
Marotta Wealth Management, Inc.

Great News from the Family Foundation of Virginia

Victory Alert: Life Triumphs Despite All Odds!

Late tonight, life advocates achieved a significant victory! Despite volcanoes, a Senator’s flight plans, and outright lies from the opposition, for the first time ever since Virginia’s adoption of the federal Hyde Amendment in 1982, elective low-income abortion has been defunded! The Family Foundation and our pro-life allies have been working for decades to achieve this victory and despite all odds, life triumphed.

The amendment brings Virginia substantially in line with federal law that requires we pay for abortions in the instances of rape, incest or life of the mother. Prior to the Governor’s amendment, Virginia was one of only 17 states that funded elective (“health” of the mother) abortions. Other than in cases of “gross and totally incapacitating physical deformity or with a gross and totally incapacitating mental deficiency,” this will no longer be the case. We'd especially like to thank the Governor for introducing this important pro-life amendment.

The day began early this morning as legislators and lobbyists flooded the capitol. The Family Foundation lobbyists were confident of a win in the House, but were on edge with the Senate. The Senate chamber is almost evenly divided politically and the appointed tiebreaker (Lt. Governor Bill Bolling) was stranded in Italy due to Iceland’s volcanic eruption. There was a strong possibility that the vote would result in a tie and in that case, with the LG’s absence, the amendment would fail. The Family Foundation knew that enough votes had to be found and we were hard at work to find them!

To make matters worse, it came to our attention a few hours later that one of our pro-life legislators, Senator Steve Newman (R-23, Forest), had a flight to catch and the chances that the amendment would be held prior to him leaving was slim to none. With this senator’s absence and the LG’s absence, The Family Foundation was gravely concerned for the amendment’s passage despite the bill’s House passage earlier in the day (64 to 30 with 1 abstention).

Around 9pm, the amendment finally came to the Senate floor. Family Foundation lobbyists watched from the gallery as Senator Dick Saslaw (D-35, Fairfax) led the charge against the amendment. In a bizarre statement and in contradiction to a legal opinion from the Attorney General, the opposition claimed that if this amendment passed, state employee abortions would no longer be covered by the state health plan. It is our understanding that state employees cannot be reimbursed for abortion expenditures anyway, so the claim appeared unfounded. Thanks to the Attorney General's office for clarifiying this issue.

Coming to life’s defense, Senator Mark Obenshain (R-26, Harrisonburg) was the one and only voice in the Senate advocating for the Governor’s amendment. Having clearly done his homework, Senator Obenshain articulately defended the amendment from the bizarre attacks and argued brilliantly for its passage.

In a moment that directly parallels the Bible story of Gideon’s army where the odds of victory were logically impossible, the vote was taken, and the amendment passed 20-19! Democrat Senators Chuck Colgan (D-29, Manassas), Phil Puckett (D-38, Tazewell), and Roscoe Reynolds (D-20, Martinsville), joined with all Republicans in attendance to pass the amendment. Seemingly impossible due to the absence of Senator Newman and the LG, God worked a miracle tonight! Pro-life advocates have been waiting for years for this victory!

The Family Foundation would like to thank everyone who contacted legislators to encourage them to vote for this amendment. As the close vote shows, your voice was crucial in this success! Stay tuned for an alert in the coming days to assist you in thanking the important people who made this victory a reality. We hope you will join us tonight in celebrating this monumental victory for life!

Victoria Cobb, President

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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Dodd Seeks to Give Federal Regulators Unbridled Power

A Closer Look at the Financial Reform Bill

The Senate is planning to take up the Democrats' 1,408 page financial reform bill on Thursday. How many Senators do you think have taken time to read the bill in its entirety?
A few things you should know about this bill...

Sen. Dodd's bill creates a Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC)-made up of representatives from the Treasury Department, the Federal Reserve, the CFTC, FDIC, and SEC. With a 2/3 vote of the FSOC, this body could determine any business is "systemically significant" (too big to fail) which would allow the FDIC and Treasury Secretary to treat the companies' shareholders and creditors as they choose; including forcing firms to break up, stop selling certain products, or forcing them to go out of business. This council creates even more federal regulators with unbridled power to interfere with any business that they choose to declare a risk. (GOP Leader 4/19/20)

The bill also gives the largest financial institutions access to a "pre-existing" $50 billion fund that would serve as bailout money for "too big to fail" firms.

The bill also provides a Treasury backed credit line which would enable the FDIC to borrow from Treasury up to the amount of cash in the bailout fund in addition to 90% of the value of the assets of any and all "systemically significant" firms under their control.

The bill also provides government guaranteed debt through allowing the FDIC to guarantee debt of any "solvent bank, bank holding company, or affiliate in any amount" which will only be subject to an aggregate debt limit set by Treasury. (GOP Leader 4/20/10)

The Democrats' bill makes federal bailouts a permanent option for Wall Street. It also gives federal bureaucrats unlimited ability to interfere in the private sector.

Click here to read the House Republican's plan for financial reform.

Make your voice heard.
Contact your Representative and Senator TODAY!

Madison Group Makes Beautiful Music

Madison Choral Society
performance this weekend

Orange Baptist Church
Orange, VA
Friday the 23rd, 8 p.m.

Mt. Carmel Church
Haywood, VA
Sunday the 25th, 4 p.m.

The Choral Society will be performing some beautiful music.

There is no charge.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tonight: Stand with Israel

"Standing With Israel Dinner & Presentation"
an informative event examining how,
and why Christians are commiting to
Stand With Israel.

You will be encouraged, equipped, and inspired.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 - 6:30 PM

Madison Presbyterian Church
1236 Fishback Rd
Madison, VA

Quote of the Day

"Unfortunately, many of those in leadership today do not get why more Americans are enraged and engaged in protesting this new American direction of government. President Obama noted on April 15 that Tea Partiers should be saying “thank you” instead of protesting his policies with their gatherings around the nation. That statement – along with the continued actions of his party leaders throughout the nation and of those that share his political sentiment – shows that folks do not understand that the direction of government that Americans are protesting (roughly 80% of them not trusting “big government” at this rate, according to recent polls) is the driver of the protests, not merely tax-time bemoaning."

Monday, April 19, 2010

Quote of the Day

“In fact there is a big contest in the area it’s not merely here with the Palestinians. I think that’s the minor part. … But there’s a larger force of radical Islam that wants to eradicate peace. Wants to eradicate Israel. Wants to eradicate any American presence in the Middle East.

“They hate America because of what America stands for. … they’ll stop hating America only when America stops being America. When it stops espousing a free society, pluralism, open debate. That’s what they despise. And in fact they don’t hate America because of Israel. They hate Israel because of America. Because they see us as an outpost of that free, open civilization that you represent. And you know what? They’re right.”

Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu