Saturday, April 3, 2010

Quote of the Day

"Just as we did at the foundation of our great nation, the Commonwealth of Virginia continues to lead.

As soon as the ink dried on President Obama's signature making official the federal takeover of our healthcare system, my friend, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, filed suit in federal court to protect the people and laws of Virginia.

And not surprisingly, some of the Democrats in Virginia have launched attacks. First, they sent out a college professor to criticize the merits of Ken's lawsuit. It turned out that this professor was a major donor to the Democratic Party and was a member of the radical liberal group

The next attack on Ken was that he was wasting our hard earned tax dollars on this lawsuit.

Well, as it turned out, that lawsuit cost the taxpayers a total of $350 dollars.

Yesterday, I was proud to see Governor McDonnell officially sign legislation introduced by Senators Jill Vogel and Steve Martin that makes it illegal to force Virginians to purchase health insurance. Virginia continues to lead, but we are not done yet.

Many of you have asked how you can support Attorney General Cuccinelli's principled leadership on this important issue.

The answer is simple, and in this particular case it doesn't revolve around money or spending hours volunteering. Ken needs you to sign to his petition today.

Ken's petition can be found at his website

Once you have signed this petition, please forward it to five of your closest friends and ask them to sign the petition as well. This is too important to wait!

Virginia is on solid legal footing, but we need to show that we have the support of voters such as you.

Thank you for standing strong for freedom with us for the rights and prerogatives of the people of Virginia."

George Allen