Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Liberty Cave Radio: Transmission Number 22

The last voice of the free world... from deep within a cave somewhere in the Shenandoah Mountains.

In the News:

While the rest of us were learning about Betsy Ross and Paul Revere and respect for the flag and the Constitution of the United States of America, what was Barry Soetoro learning in Indonesia? This shape shifter later had a name change to Barak Hussein Obama.

His policy of Marxism has caused him to change once again, this time to Vladimir Hussein Lenin. His health care with death panels gives him the name Adolf Hussein Hitler. His anti-Israeli stance and his softness on terrorists make him Osama Hussein Laden. His takeover of General Motors makes him Benito Hussein Mussolini. His disregard for the constitution and our sovereignty and American way of life makes him Benedict Hussein Arnold.

Whether he leans towards fascism, communism, socialism or traitor there is one common thread. A government that disregards the will of the people is a totalitarian dictatorship. In this case we the American people elected a dictator in nature and spirit.

All totalitarian governments feel that they do not answer to the people and therefore must disarm them. The will of the people is to be crushed and dissidents are to be punished.

The media must be taken over vis-à-vis the fairness doctrine. And as in Russia in days of old the joke will go: We have freedom of speech; everyone is permitted to speak once.

Every totalitarian government pushes an ideology via propaganda, a false hope or religion if you will. In Obama’s case it is to appeal to the lower class as Lenin did to overthrow society, surrender all authority to the government and to trust the government to make them prosperous. This promise of prosperity to the masses has historically never been realized without a cost. That cost is the total loss of personal freedom.

We stand at the brink of an evil as great as Nazi Germany. America the beacon of the world is about to fall. We will either have a Tea Party D-Day and take back this nation or we will go into the dust bin of history with other nations and Kingdoms that fell because of decadence and softness and a refusal to stand for what is right.

This is the greatest hour in American history next to Valley Forge. Remember Lenin promised to destroy America from within.

We the American people can take this nation back if we return to God and the vision of the Founding Fathers and stand up for what is right.

It is now or never. The only thing standing in the way of our victory is apathy. The biggest fight we have to fight now is state’s rights.

The Tenth Amendment Bill Introduced by Bob Marshal HB10 and Jill Vogel SB417, signed into law by Bob McDonnell is the tip of the spear against Federal tyranny. We must support Virginia and Virginia’s Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli in his fight for our freedoms.

All other states must join in this fight.

God bless America, and let us fight for her freedom and sovereignty.

We will oppose all enemies that fight to destroy her, domestic and foreign.

Still Reporting,

Correspondent Ben Grace © 2010

This news service is provided entirely as satire.
“Dark times call for dark humor”