Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Quote of the Day

"The Washington metro area is buzzing with anger about a tragic incident that explains why so many people are so upset about America’s “amnesty-light” immigration policy. A nun was killed and two others were seriously injured this weekend when they were hit by a drunk driver. It turns out that the drunk driver, Carlos Montano, has had two other DUIs and is an illegal alien who had used numerous aliases and at least two Social Security numbers. Prior to this weekend’s fatal crash, police reported Montano to federal officials, who released him on his own recognizance while his deportation paperwork was being processed.

I’m not suggesting that the average illegal alien is an alcoholic who may kill nuns. But the entire debate has been framed by the Left, the president, the liberal media and even some Christian leaders as a question of compassion. But the compassion in their narrative extends only to the person who illegally enters the United States.

None of the liberals in this debate are extending compassion to the victims of crime committed by illegals. (According to government records, 17% of illegal aliens detained in Arizona had prior criminal records.) I see no compassion for struggling taxpayers burdened by the costs of illegal immigration. I see little compassion for unemployed construction workers and minorities who have been losing jobs to illegal aliens.

I am not surprised when the political Left extends compassion to everyone but “Average Joes.” But it deeply disturbs me when Christian leaders appear to extend their compassion only one way. I’ve had a number of them tell me, “Jesus loves illegal aliens too, Gary.” I’m sure he does. But I also know he loves the construction worker, the taxpayer and the nun too! The love of Jesus does not end the debate. It should help us balance the debate, as everyone should be treated with compassion, including the American people."

Gary Bauer
Campaign for Working Families