Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer of Unemployment

The dilettante currently occupying the White House couldn't seem to care less about average Americans as he cruises from one vacation to another...

What Recovery?

"It’s been a busy few weeks for President Obama. He’s declared war on Arizona over its efforts to enforce our immigration laws and he jumped into a fight with two-thirds of the American people who oppose the Ground Zero mosque. After all that hard work, Barack Obama is taking a break and going on vacation to the elite getaway of Martha’s Vineyard.

While the president is playing golf and enjoying the beach, his “Summer of Recovery” tour bus crashed and burned after today’s announcement that weekly claims for unemployment benefits “unexpectedly jumped” to 500,000 – the highest level in nine months.

For the umpteenth time, the media are saying that unemployment has “unexpectedly increased.” It’s time to reset expectations. There’s nothing coming out of Obama’s White House or this Democrat-dominated Congress that would cause businesses to think better days are ahead. All we’ve seen is one big government program and tax hike after another. Tremendous tax hikes are coming when the Bush tax cuts expire on December 31st. The number of congressional Democrats who think the Bush tax cuts ought to be renewed is so small they could hold their meetings in a phone booth.

President Obama, who blasted corporate America for holding conferences in Las Vegas, should cancel the Martha’s Vineyard vacation (his sixth vacation of the year) and get back to work trying to fix the economy.

Then again, maybe it would be best if he just stayed away from Washington for a while."

Gary Bauer
Campaign for Working Families