Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Prayer Requesting Knowledge of Our Moral Obligations

Dear Father,

You know --- that we know better --- than to continue to allow ourselves to be herded down the path we are on, the path that goes nowhere --- except into the abyss.

It is the path Obama is pursuing, the path so many of our fellow citizens are now treading with dread;

The abyss of fear and calamity lies ahead, it beckons to us,

And we ask Father ---- that you tell us, as we pray this evening, if this is to be our destiny? Or can we do better?

Is this abyss to be our future --- for our children and grand kids?

Tell us if this choking fear we feel, from our crushing debt, our loss of work, our loss of homes and businesses --- is to be our fate? Or can we do better?

Tell us Father if we, by our stupid choices of incompetent, unprincipled and dishonorable leaders, will destroy our dear nation, and our priceless freedoms?

And Father, what about the loss of our destiny?

Will we no longer be able to succeed?

Will we not be able to flourish as our founding fathers and forefathers flourished?

Will we always be able to bequeath this magnificent gem, this jewel of a nation to our children?

Father --- please tell us if we must accept this abysmal future created by this most incompetent, most lawless and most corrupt administration since Harding, Grant and Carter?

And Father – what about our loss of confidence in ourselves, our leaders and our faith – what would you have us do?

And Father – what about the loss of our nation, our constitution, and our birthright wrought by your hands,

Brought to us through your divine guidance to our founders who simply agreed to pay any price – any price at all --- yes! ----- They sacrificed their fortunes, their lives, and their sacred honor for us.

They were the receptacles into which you poured our greatest gift ------- freedom ------ the freedom to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness ----- the freedom which now, this very night, is slowly ebbing away ---- on a tide of citizen ignorance, apathy, and despair,

Father, you are our engine, our battery ---- our source of energy and motivation, and commitment to rise up off our pallets,

To look back at what our fathers and grandfathers have spent and invested for us,

They bought it with the blood, sweat and tears of Lincoln’s generation in the wilderness, at Gettysburg, and at Appomattox.

More recently our greatest generation bought it again ----- on the sands of Iwo Jima, on Omaha beach in Normandy, at Anzio and Salerno, at the frozen chosen, in hue, in the a Shau and La Drang Valleys , the twin towers, and throughout the wastelands of the middle east,

Such sacrifices and investments of blood, pain and treasure are our legacy,

So Father, we ask you tonight, tell us, what is our generation’s debt to our nation, what is our moral obligation to step up, to stand up, to fight, to pay our dues?

Tell us tonight Father ---- in our hearts ----- each of us individually ----Tell us what is our stake in all this?

Tell us collectively --- what is our roll?

In Jesus’ name we pray,


Jerry Gore
MCRW Chaplain