Thursday, April 19, 2012

5th District GOP Delegates: Vote for Peyton Knight on May 19th

Peyton Knight

Republican State Central Committee

Your voice for more freedom and less government.

. Proud native Virginian living in Fauquier County with his wife and four children.

. Lifelong, conservative Republican, who has devoted his entire career to defending our constitutional freedoms.

. 1998 graduate of the College of William and Mary, where he concentrated his studies on government and public policy.

. Served in leadership positions at several conservative think tanks and grassroots organizations, working for limited government, decreased regulation, lower taxes, private property rights, and a return to the Bill of Rights and constitutional freedom!

. Invited by the U.S. Congress on multiple occasions to testify in defense of limited government and constitutional liberty.

. Honored with the Property Rights Foundation of America’s “Property Rights Advocate of the Year” award in 2006 for his work defending local communities – particularly in our Fifth District – from federal initiatives that threaten private property rights, local government, and our local economy.

. Leader of his parish community’s home-school association from 2009 to 2011.

Peyton is a tried and true conservative who will represent you.


Please contact Peyton anytime at, or on his cell phone at (703) 786-0943, to learn more about his campaign, and why he’s your best choice to represent you on the Republican State Central Committee! And please, don’t forget to attend the 5th District Convention at Hampden-Sydney College on May 19 and vote for Peyton!