Monday, May 28, 2012

A Teachable Moment for Obama from the Past

If business activity should increase… unemployment will end.

In other words, employing industries must be ABLE to hire workers.

Many things could prevent this.

Anything in the social, economic or political life of the nation that obstructs business activity will stand in the way of reemployment.

Strikes that choke production and throw thousands… into idleness are social obstructions.

Taxes that restrict the ability of industry to expand are economic obstructions.

Leaders who appeal to class prejudice to further personal ambitions are political obstructions.

America can remove all these obstructions.

But to do so, it must compel its Government to rule without waste.

It must adjust labor difficulties through compulsory arbitration.

It must not permit the reasonable differences between workers and employers to be an excuse for civil war.

In short, if America will be SENSIBLE, it can remove the fear that the United States is destined to support a permanent body of unemployed.

Washington Herald Editorial

Monday, March 1, 1937