Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Novel Explores UFOs and Government Cover-ups

J. Dori Callahan’s Push Back Time fictionalizes the real events of JAL 1628 in 1986

RAPIDAN, Va. – J. Dori Callahan’s new suspense novel Push Back Time (published by AuthorHouse), which her readers have likened to a Tom Clancy novel, takes real events and turns them into a compelling fictional story.

In 1986, Japan Airlines flight 1628 (JL 1628) diverted from its flight path because of a suspected unidentified flying object (UFO) encounter. Callahan has adapted that event into a story, using information from her husband, who was personally involved in the real-world investigation. In it, her realistic characters react to the event, and Callahan uses the event to show readers how government bureaucracies actually function.

Callahan believes there is a need for a book presenting the real way government agencies operate. “More and more there are UFO sightings in the world,” she says, “and the way the government officials are cheating the taxpayers today must be explored.”

About the Author
J. Dori Callahan was born in Kentucky and moved to Illinois, where she completed her education in computer science and business management. She began working for the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) in the air traffic field. Callahan began her long career in the FAA as a controller in the Enroute center located in Aurora, Ill., eventually moving to the automation department. Her 26 year career skyrocketed in automation.

Callahan became one of the first women in the FAA GM-15 management ranks in Washington, D.C. She was very influential in establishing the FAA's SOAR program, a program that identified potential women management candidates and provided mentoring opportunities to assist women and minorities in management identified positions during the 1990s.

Callahan is married to John J. Callahan, and is presently vice president and C.E.O. for Liberty Tax Service in Culpeper, Va. She resides in Rapidan, Va., with her husband. She is also the author of Journey Through a Metamorphosis, and has written numerous political articles as a newspaper journalist.