Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Prayer for Judeo-Christian Values

We are all anxious about the outcome of the November election. I sincerely believe that god will point our nation in the right direction, as god has done over the last 236 years. 

After the war, in 1945 we were re-building out nation and much of the world, then came the 1947 court battle that began the disastrous "separation of church and state" movement. In 1962 the battle for prayer from public schools. In 1965 the battle that paved the way for abortion and homosexual marriage. 1973 gave us roe v. Wade. As Sonny and Cher use to say "and the beat goes on"

Let us pray:

Our heavenly father, we pray for our republic. We pray that this nation will be allowed to proudly say that we are a Judeo-Christian nation with Judeo-Christian values. Multiculturalism has no identifiable faith and apparently no values. Secularism has no god and where there is no god there is no book of rules.

In this coming election, we pray that our citizen voters will have the intellect to see through the smoke screen of deception this administration has perpetrated on the American people. The election was lost four years ago for four reasons: a weak Republican candidate, a rhetorically gifted democratic candidate and master of deception, too many people on the dole from our government. (Give me your vote and i will keep you warm and feed you) and the complacency, ignorance and naiveté of the American voter.

We pray heavenly father that a leader grounded in spiritual matters will come forward and put our nation back on a godly course.

We pray that our constitution remains the foundation of our form of government.

We pray in the name of the god of Abraham and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


John Underwood
MCRW Chaplain