Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tweets of the Day

BENGHAZIA (ben•GAH•zee•ah) noun - the delusional notion that an authority figure can make a scandal go away by not talking about it.

I suggest that  should have Gen. Ham come out and debunk this rumor IMMEDIATELY.      

 Gen.Ham Africa's Commanding US Officer disregarded Obama's order 2#StandDown in Benghazi.Was immediately relieved of command.

 Lt Col (Ret) Special Ops: 'No Doubt Obama Knew About  Attack & Issued  Command 


Lt. Gen. Mcinerney on Benghazi: Whoever gave the "stand down" order is responsible for killing ambassador 

I think this bears repeating one more time, No one died in Nixons scandal. 

Sandra Fluke and Trayvon Martin were important to     , but the deaths and treachery in Benghazi are no big deal.

Everyone should retweet this and shout it from the rooftops.RT: CIA OPS 'DENIED HELP' DURING BENGHAZI