Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fifth District Virginians Visit Our Nation’s Capital For The 57th Presidential Inauguration

Congressman Robert Hurt

Weekly Column 1/22/13

As we watched President Obama get sworn in for his second term as the President of the United States on January 21, 2013, we were reminded of the blessings we enjoy as Americans. For over 200 years, we have been governed by a freely elected president and a representative democracy, and unlike many nations around the world, we have seen a peaceful transfer of power from one Administration to the next. We were also reminded of all of those who have come before us to establish and preserve this great democracy, and of those who have laid down their lives in the name of making America a better place, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., whose legacy we remember this week.


I was pleased to attend the President's swearing in with nearly 200 Virginians from the 5th District and members of the Virginia delegation, including our newly-elected Senator, Tim Kaine. And I enjoyed hosting 5th District Virginians for a reception in honor of the President's swearing-in in our Washington, D.C. office.   


A new Congress gives us a new opportunity to work together to tackle the great challenges that we face. I look forward to working with the President and the Senate to cut wasteful spending and spur economic growth.


At a time when a 16 trillion dollar debt is creating economic uncertainty and hindering job creation, we in the House will continue to fight fiscal irresponsibility. Recognizing the critical importance of providing a budget framework in tackling our debt crisis, the House of Representatives has passed a reasonable and responsible budget in each of the last two years that addresses our debt crisis and promotes job growth – and this year will be no different.


We remain committed to changing business as usual in Washington, and that includes adopting a budget that will strengthen and preserve our health and retirement security programs, cut wasteful federal spending, and ultimately put us on a path toward a balanced budget.


Just as over the past two years, we in the House will continue to bring our ideas to the table. I look forward to working with the Senate and the President to address the great challenges that we face, reduce the debt,  and pass on to future generations a nation of greater prosperity than was passed down to us.


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