Thursday, January 17, 2013

Quote of the Day

"People forget that while Hitler was posing for staged photo-sessions, hugging children and laughing with them, he was having millions of Jewish children and their parents murdered in the most inhumane ways imaginable to the evil minds of his henchmen.

"So it stands to reason that many people today would fail to make the connection as Obama uses children as a prop in his draconian commitment to deprive us of our Constitutio
nal rights and "fundamentally transform" America.

"I say that there should be giant posters with photos of babies he supports being murdered by abortion.  There should be photos of the babies with their limbs and heads ripped from their precious little bodies.  There should be photos of babies with holes in the back of their heads showing where the miniature pick-axe was used to crack their skulls so a hose could be inserted to suck their brains out while they were yet alive. That would be using children in a beneficial way to show what Obama represents.  

"If Obama is going to use children to push his anti-Second Amendment objectives based on the murders in Newtown, CT, then I say all murdered children should be used, and that includes the tens of millions of babies he supported and supports being murdered."

Mychal Massie
The Daily Rant